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Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 fix pack Includes all APARs listed below.

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Platform support:

The latest information on supported operating systems and other software requirements can be found in technote #7014663: "Detailed System Requirements for Tivoli Directory Server"

Naming conventions:

As of, package names have been changed from "-TIV-ITDS-" to "-ISS-ITDS-" to reflect that Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) is now part of the IBM Security Systems (ISS) division.

Prior to version, TDS fixes used separate fix pack and interim fix numbers. All the fixes before the first fix pack were named "" meaning "6.3.0 fix pack 0".

Starting with version, the fix name and version number are the same.* Version is named "". The "FP", "IF" or "TF" in the name indicates the level of testing applied to the build.

FP: Fix packs are formally verified and regression tested by an independent test team. The most recent OS patches, as well as WebSphere, GSKit and DB2 updates are certified during fix pack testing and the tested environments are documented in the fix pack README.
IF: Interim fixes are verified by support and development and recommended for all users. Most fixes are delivered as IF's.
Fix packs and interim fixes are available to all entitled users and can be downloaded directly from fix central.
LA: Limited availability interim fixes are used to deliver APARs before a more formal interim fix or fix pack is released. They are intended for a limited audience and supported until a more formal fix is published.
TF: Test fixes are special purpose builds used to diagnose a specific problem or validate a specific fix. They are not generally available or supported beyond their intended use.
Limited availability and test fixes are never published to fix central and can only be obtained directly from IBM support.

* There are separate versions for TDS (6.3.0.x) and the webadmin tool (6.x). Installing the TDS fix does not automatically deploy the updated webadmin tool to the WebSphere application server (WAS). This requires additional steps which are documented in the installation instructions at the end of the README.

New Features in or later:
  • TDS or later may display license terms and require acceptance before installation can continue. This will block an unattended, "silent" install unless the license is already installed. Please refer to APAR IO17189 and document #1612037: "License acceptance required for TDS (or later)."

New Features in or later:

Problem Tracking Information:

The APAR number and abstract for all changes included in this fix are listed below. Further detail on individual APARs can be found by searching for the APAR number on the Tivoli Directory Server Support Web page.

APARs from (webadmin 6.0013)

FP0024 is identical to, repackaged as a
fix pack and formally tested as described in "Tested environments".

APARs from (webadmin 6.0013)

APAR IO18445 (CMVC 113655)
intermittently an incorrect eid is resolved for a filter

APAR IO18600 (CMVC 113742)
Multi instance change log on windows crashes slapd

APAR IO18662 (CMVC 113887)
crash in generateStatement() on first startup of TDS

APAR IO18797 (CMVC 113804)
[MDVREGR IO16734] Link errors on windows when using IDS static
library libidsldapstatic.lib

APAR IO18846 (CMVC 113994)
Web Admin displays "Autodetecting Logout Page Error"

APAR IO18875 (CMVC 113884)
ibmslapd may crash during an invalid schema modification

APAR IO18878 (CMVC 113901 114028)
[MDVREGR IO18736] idslogmgmt may not start on AIX

APAR IO18885 (CMVC 113906)
Add webadmin support for IE9, IE10 & Firefox 17 ESR

APAR IO18890 (CMVC 113688)
ldtrc error on AIX when -l buffer size > 100000000

APAR IO18919 (CMVC 113920)
idsversion command output does not show language pack in AIX.

APAR IO18923 (CMVC 113949)
clinet using static library cannot open TLS 1.2 connection

APAR IO19006 (CMVC 113988)
TDS 6.3 IF/FP install failure with GSKit 8.0.50.n

APAR IO19013 (CMVC 113991)
Traversing two Panels give NullPointer Exception.

APAR IO19091 (CMVC 113581 113780)
TDS ldap_result() API times out prematurely

APAR IO19094 (CMVC 113708 113992 114010)
ldapmodify, ldif2db and bulkload stop reading LDIF at EOF char

APAR IO19145 (CMVC 113952)
Proxy server audit records will always show zero for the

APAR IO19150 (CMVC 113957)
ibm-pwdIndividualPolicyDN and ibm-pwdGroupPolicyDN are not
returned after bulkload

APAR IO19153 (CMVC 113989)
[MDVREGR IO18477] "Tivoili Directory Sever" is misspelled

APAR IO19156 (CMVC 113915 113935 113946 113971 114000)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO19162 (CMVC 113883)
Java io exception generated when stopping idslogmgmt

APARs from (webadmin 6.0012)

APAR IO18415 (CMVC 113812)
[MDVREGR IO15097] proxy server crashes

APAR IO18818 (CMVC 113812)
[MDVREGR IO18760] server crash in cleanUpSortKeyList

APAR IO19008 (CMVC 113936)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0012)

APAR IO17838 (CMVC 113440)
TDS Server takes long time to start if PTA server is down

APAR IO18243 (CMVC 113488)
[MDVREGR IO17227] proxy server may fail to return ibm-allgroups

APAR IO18303 (CMVC 113615)
[MDVREGR IO17210] Various problems related to german umulats

APAR IO18488 (CMVC 113663)
[MDVREGR IO17578] audit log record contains non alphanumeric
chars in attributes field

APAR IO18587 (CMVC 113583)
[MDVREGR IO18252] Client SSL pooled connections fail on windows

APAR IO18595 (CMVC 113684 113689)
[MDVREGR IO16012] errors in audit timestamps

APAR IO18602 (CMVC 113737)

APAR IO18669 (CMVC 113732)
WAT: Handle IPV6 hex characters case insensitiveness

APAR IO18736 (CMVC 113361)
idslogmgmt does not stop when the -k is issued

APAR IO18744 (CMVC 113701)
[MDVREGR IO16916] the SSL_TIMEOUT_MILLISEC variable is not being

APAR IO18749 (CMVC 113719)
[MDVREGR IO16916] ibmslapdn worker threads may get into hang

APAR IO18753 (CMVC 113706 113760 113763)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO18756 (CMVC 113584 113702)
clean up of partial replication tables can be slow.

APAR IO18760 (CMVC 113674 113764 113791)
Add search sort keys and order to the audit log.

APARs from (webadmin 6.0011)

APAR IO17522 (CMVC 113450)
Enhancements to ibmdirctl for Linux systems

APAR IO18020 (CMVC 113598)
bulkload fails to drop or add unique constraint

APAR IO18049 (CMVC 113480)
[MDVREGR IO15661] "clientIPAddress is invalid" from WAT login
using IPV6

APAR IO18354 (CMVC 113546)
idsdbmaint throws memory fault with -l, -k and -u options.

APAR IO18357 (CMVC 113537)
idsimigr fails to migrate from DB2 9.x to DB2 10.1 FP2

APAR IO18359 (CMVC 113545)
non-root db2 install and data import fails for DB2 10.1

APAR IO18377 (CMVC 106202)
idsimigr fails to migrate instance with user specified location

APAR IO18455 (CMVC 113626)
idslogmgmt does not roll logs if they are 2 GB or larger.

APAR IO18457 (CMVC 113407)
LDAP client lib may fail to translate utf8 to binary data

APAR IO18460 (CMVC 113591)
Remove redundant trace messages.

APAR IO18462 (CMVC 113526)
idsdbmaint fails to convert tablespaces on solaris

APAR IO18464 (CMVC 113595)
Update client wrapper cmd files [64 bit windows]

APAR IO18477 (CMVC 113496)
Relax DB2 version requirements in TDS Server install package

APAR IO18478 (CMVC 113469 113616 113631 113633)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0010)

APAR IO17878 (CMVC none)
[MDVREGR IO17189] .../idsLicense: .../license/lapc: not found

APAR IO18252 (CMVC 113445)
[MDVREGR IO16916] All worker threads busy after starting ITIM

APAR IO18453 (CMVC 113535)
Routine build maintenance (VRMF =>

APARs from (webadmin 6.0010)

APAR IO16495 (CMVC 113373)
Group entries with ACL defined can not access changelog

APAR IO16916 (CMVC 113245 113432)
[MDVREGR IO15636] SSL/TLS search gets disconnected when
handling large data

APAR IO17210 (CMVC 113332)
The idsadscfg command will hang if the -adg parameter is too

APAR IO17258 (CMVC 113336)
[MDVREGR IO15661] Web Admin exceptions in non-English browser

APAR IO17346 (CMVC 113337)
Display proper ibmslapd/ibmdiradm log message when server is in
FIPS mode.

APAR IO17371 (CMVC 113359)
idsdbrestore fails to restore an online backup of changelog db.

APAR IO17407 (CMVC 113356)
cn=connections,cn=monitor search reporting incorrect values

APAR IO17410 (CMVC 113300)
Add number of entries returned to Audit of search operations

APAR IO17440 (CMVC 113366)
Web Admin fails to delete entries with an index out of range

APAR IO17465 (CMVC 113347)
Incorrect message displayed in ibmslapd log when the server is
in FIPS mode.

APAR IO17512 (CMVC 113391 113430)
Paged search of root DSE does not close paging control

APAR IO17561 (CMVC 113371)
idsidrop fails to remove the associated db2 instance.

APAR IO17578 (CMVC 113386 113388 113428)
Server trace doesn't list attributes requested on search

APAR IO17582 (CMVC 113297 113415)
[MDVREGR IO14213] sort on non-existent attribute returns no

APAR IO17589 (CMVC 113365)
Effective password policy shows incorrect pwdMaxAge attribute

APAR IO17592 (CMVC 113363)
ldap search java sample - descending sort failure

APAR IO17595 (CMVC 113331)
Web Admin manage server connections does not display properly if
there is a space in the bind DN

APAR IO17596 (CMVC 113370)
[MDVREGR IO15087] MTR replication sends multiple adds/deletes
for same operation.

APAR IO17598 (CMVC 113387)
ibmslapd may crash when searching as local admin group member

APAR IO17612 (CMVC 113375 113376 113383 113384 113394)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO17647 (CMVC 113402)
Configurable ldap client ssl timeout

APAR IO17655 (CMVC 113403)
Proxy server crash during ibm-allgroups search

APAR IO17676 (CMVC 113399)
Re-enabling changelog in Windows fails

APAR IO17743 (CMVC 113406)
[MDVREGR IO17245] client library crashes

APARs from (webadmin 6.0009)

APAR IO15961 (CMVC 113304)

APAR IO16460 (CMVC 113301)
Group Membership loose control when searching entry to add.

APAR IO16665 (CMVC 113317)
unable to setup local codepage for db2 instance

APAR IO16734 (CMVC 113197 113323)
client API on Windows cannot find default ldap server on DNS

APAR IO16828 (CMVC 113139)
[MDVREGR IO16400] idsimigr does not show help text on w2k8

APAR IO16880 (CMVC 113283)
idsdbback fails if the db2 database owner password is too long

APAR IO16899 (CMVC 113289)
client API on AIX cannot find default ldap server on DNS

APAR IO17227 (CMVC 112833)
distributed group configuration in non-partitioned proxy env

APAR IO17231 (CMVC 112911)
pwdhistory not updated during admin password change

APAR IO17238 (CMVC 113152)
[MDVREGR IO16272] ibmslapd may crash during referral processing

APAR IO17241 (CMVC 113207)
[MDVREGR IO15552] "sh" error running dbback or dbrestore

APAR IO17245 (CMVC 113149 113318)
proxy server may return intermittent operations error.

APAR IO17249 (CMVC 113286)
[MDVPARTL IO16655] idsicrt crashes on AIX with multiple NICs.

APAR IO17253 (CMVC 113322)
[MDVREGR IO17189] "Tivoili Directory Sever" is misspelled

APAR IO17256 (CMVC 113309 113313 113316)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0008)

APAR IO16861 (CMVC 113154 113166)
idsinstall script fails to copy the idsrun command on Linux

APAR IO16936 (CMVC 113235)
idsxinst utility fails to launch when the turkish locale is set

APAR IO17134 (CMVC 112823 112918 112925)
disable GSKit SID cache

APAR IO17183 (CMVC 112867 112867.01 112972 112973
113005 113008 113013)
TDS install features for ISAM

APAR IO17184 (CMVC 113222 113224 113226 113232 113237
113241 113243 113247 113249 113251
113253 113255 113258 113262)
Localization of new messages added in

APAR IO17186 (CMVC 112872.01 112877.01 112877.02 112877.03
112877.04 112877.05 112877.06 112877.07
112877.08 112877.09 112877.10 112877.11
112877.12 112877.13 112877.14 112877.15
112877.16 112877.17 112978 113014 113026
113045 113162 113193 113238 113244 113268
Transition to NIST Special Publication 800-131a specification

APAR IO17187 (CMVC 113133.01 113133.02 113133.03 113133.04
113133.05 113133.06 113163 113167 113170
113189 113191 113200 113206 113212)
NIST Suite B specification; a restrictive subset of SP800-131a

APAR IO17188 (CMVC 113192.01 113192.02 113192.03 113192.04
113192.05 113192.06 113192.07 113288)
Pass Through Authentication (PTA), Replication, Proxy to enable
TLS12 / Suite B for connection with backend / consumer

APAR IO17189 (CMVC 112875.01 112875.02 112875.03 112875.04
112916 112917 112920 112924 112929 112932
112933 112942 112969 113041 113153 113159
113183 113184 113185 113188 113190 113203)
License native package addition in the installation and
upgradation of TDS v6.3.

APAR IO17190 (CMVC 113156)
[MDVPARTL IO16023] IBMSLAPD/IBMDIRADM fail to start after
disabling FIPS mode

APAR IO17192 (CMVC 112892 113161 113227 113239 113260)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0008)

APAR IO16395 (CMVC 112863)
INACTIVE_LOGS is created with incorrect permissions during
online back up on linux and unix platforms

APAR IO16448 (CMVC 112955)
idssnmp solution fails with script interpreter error while
handling snmpget request.

APAR IO16473 (CMVC 113087)
incomplete trap definitions in idssnmp MIB file

APAR IO16655 (CMVC 112953)
[MDVREGR IO15416] idssethost utility fails to accept a valid
configured ip alias on AIX

APAR IO16672 (CMVC 113021)
ibmslapd.log records duplicate entries when changelog is

APAR IO16687 (CMVC 113077)
[MDVREGR IO16557] v6.3.0.14 idsinstall -u [-f] fails on AIX

APAR IO16691 (CMVC 113054)
idsinstall script or earlier fails on Linux

APAR IO16724 (CMVC 113050)
idsxinst gives errors on setting env var locpath incorrectly

APAR IO16736 (CMVC 112928)
Offline dbrestore fails if backup path has a keyword relevant
to the tool.

APAR IO16743 (CMVC 112945)
GLPJBP043E Exception for idsldapdiff execution.

APAR IO16746 (CMVC 112930)
idscfgdb fails if > 50 instances exist on system

APAR IO16749 (CMVC 113012)
operations error encountered when userpassword ends in ">"

APAR IO16793 (CMVC 113090)
ibmslapd may crash with signal 6 or signal 11, during cache
cleanup under heavy load/stress.

APAR IO16816 (CMVC 113101)
[MDVREGR IO15985] idslogmgmt fails to function after applying
the fix level

APAR IO16817 (CMVC 113106)
[MDVREGR IO15951] idsinstall does not check the GSKit level on
Linux x86_64

APAR IO16818 (CMVC 112891 112907 113112 113116 113120)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0007)

APAR IO16545 (CMVC 112878)
[MDVREGR IO16117] Error GLPCTL108E from idsdnpw after idsicrt

APAR IO16548 (CMVC 112902 112931 112957)
[MDVREGR IO16407] java directory deleted by on Linux

APAR IO16552 (CMVC 112921)
Change GSKit coreq to ifreq for AIX

APAR IO16557 (CMVC 112944)
ifreq LANGPK filesets on AIX

APAR IO16562 (CMVC 112922)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO16632 (CMVC 112838)
"CN=DELETED OBJECTS" naming context is returned in rootDSE
search even when tombstone feature is disabled.

APARs from (webadmin 6.0007)

APAR IO16117 (CMVC 112738)
idsdnpw command does not check if ibmdiradm is running

APAR IO16151 (CMVC 112751)
[MDVREGR IO15661] Webadmin error GLPWCO015E if login pwd
contains special characters

APAR IO16245 (CMVC 112772)
Fix file permissions

APAR IO16272 (CMVC 112712)
server memory fault when searching on an entry with a referral

APAR IO16337 (CMVC 112758)
Release 6.3 LDAP server (with GSKit 8) may crash or deadlock on
Solaris when performing TLS searches

APAR IO16371 (CMVC 112519)
proxy search doesn't return ibm-entryuuid when combined with

APAR IO16373 (CMVC 112775)
Improve pwdCheckSyntax behavior with one-way encrypted passwords

APAR IO16374 (CMVC 112687)
Web Administration Tool enables db2 password monitoring feature

APAR IO16376 (CMVC 112749)
ldapsearch on dynamic group members (ibm-allmembers) does not
show "size limit exceeded" message.

APAR IO16380 (CMVC 112720)
Migrated TDS master server instance crashes, when we enable
global password policy and modify the user password.

APAR IO16383 (CMVC 112753 112767)
ibm-entryuuid is missing after executing idsbulkload -G

APAR IO16385 (CMVC 112791)
IBM Tivoli Directory Server(ITDS) start-up can be very slow if
password policy is enabled.

APAR IO16390 (CMVC 112839)
server hangs/timeouts after Object class violation from add op.

APAR IO16400 (CMVC 112827)
TDS instance creation may hang or exit on windows

APAR IO16403 (CMVC 112658)
TDS Client library returns false rc 81 when server is running

APAR IO16407 (CMVC 112752)
[Linux only] idsinstall -u (without -f) does not update cltjava

APAR IO16410 (CMVC 112770)

APAR IO16421 (CMVC 112842 112846 112849)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0006)

APAR IO15758 (CMVC 112632)
ibmdiradm.log falsely reports that the online backup failed

APAR IO15761 (CMVC 112684)
NULL-MD5 and NULL-SHA ciphers are enabled in default TLS

APAR IO15910 (CMVC 112713)
ibmdirctl start results in rc=-1 operations error on RHEL 6

APAR IO15951 (CMVC 112706)
[MDVREGR IO15653] "ids_detectGskitVersion file does not exist."

APAR IO15963 (CMVC 112698)
idsdbrestore may fail to restore online backup db

APAR IO15985 (CMVC 112697)
Configurable LOG LEVEL for idslogmgmt tool.

APAR IO15988 (CMVC 112559)
Client library leaks memory, if any error in referral chase.

APAR IO15991 (CMVC 112591)
core on libpthreads.a while using secldap

APAR IO15993 (CMVC 112668)
ldapsearch client gives memory fault on 64 bit Linux systems
when used with -L option on an image file.

APAR IO15996 (CMVC 112579)
Incorrect results for wildcard search of DN ending w/ ','

APAR IO15998 (CMVC 112558)
ldapsearch/modify/add/delete of specific entry fails with rc=85
(if left running long enough)

APAR IO16002 (CMVC 112656)

APAR IO16012 (CMVC 112437 112678 112681 112691)
consistent time stamps in log files

APAR IO16015 (CMVC 112521)
Repeated Enable/Disable of password policy in webadmin fails
with error GLPWSA040E

APAR IO16016 (CMVC 112529)
XSS vulnerability with the Web Admin Tool.

APAR IO16022 (CMVC 112688)
ibmslapd may core when shutting down

APAR IO16023 (CMVC 112592)
IBMSLAPD/IBMDIRADM fail to start after disabling FIPS mode

APAR IO16024 (CMVC 112699)
Web admin tool support for TLSv1 SSLContext algorithm.

APAR IO16026 (CMVC 112703)
PTA bind receives server busy error from MSAD.

APAR IO16040 (CMVC 112722)
configured cipher list is not honored for TLSv1

APAR IO16043 (CMVC 112683)
minor updates to idsNonRootDB2Install informational messages

APAR IO16044 (CMVC 112665) ibmdiradm logs GLPSRV220I and GSLPSRV221I on startup

APAR IO16049 (CMVC 112686)
ids_nonroot_DataImport does not copy custom schema files

APAR IO16056 (CMVC 112700)
Failure message logged though user bind was successful with PTA

APAR IO16057 (CMVC 112693 112695 112710)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0005)

APAR IO14318 (CMVC 112435 112436)
WebAdmin does not show images on panel in some scenarios.

APAR IO15552 (CMVC 112581 112608)
[MDVREGR IO15420] "ibmdiradm -k" fails on Solaris, "ibmslapd -k"
fails on AIX if 'srv_max_crypto' is not installed.

APAR IO15556 (CMVC 112030 112071 112111 112170
112438 112497 112534 112527 112528)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO15626 (CMVC 112009.01 112009.02 112009.03 112009.04
112009.05 112048 112065 112094 112095
112109 112173 112538.01)
Pass Through Authentication (PTA) with Proxy or compare op

APAR IO15634 (CMVC 112040)
Webadmin does not validate SSL key database configuration

APAR IO15636 (CMVC 112310)
idsldapsearch does not return any results with TLS.

APAR IO15638 (CMVC 112500)
SSL search fails using GSKit 8.0.14.x when under load

APAR IO15639 (CMVC 112509)
TLS and SSL connections hang/fail with GSKit 8.0.14.x releases

APAR IO15653 (CMVC 112181 112212.01 112212.02 112228
112516 112516.01 112542 112543 112543.01)
FIPS certified SHA-2 support and EAL4 recertification

APAR IO15655 (CMVC 112044.01 112044.02 112054 112069
112075 112083 112084 112085 112086
112088 112089 112090 112096 112160
112161 112240 112418 112571 112573
112584 112585 112587)
Install TDS with non-root DB2 database

APAR IO15656 (CMVC 112399 112401 112403 112406 112410
112412 112414 112419 112420 112421
112422 112423 112426 112432 112440
Localization of messages

APAR IO15657 (CMVC 112262)
idsdbmaint not working properly with DB2 9.7 fix pack 04

APAR IO15658 (CMVC 112538)
Proxy Server hangs on bind ops when PTA server down

APAR IO15659 (CMVC 112178.01 112178.02 112178.03 112294
112295 112299 112308 112347 112352
112353 112353.01 112353.2 112355
112358 112363 112394 112397 112485
Replication of security attributes from read-only consumers

APAR IO15660 (CMVC 112540 112541)
Serviceability - memory leak analysis and prevention

APAR IO15661 (CMVC 111955 111956 111957 111958
111963 111964 111965 112101
112114 112169)
Secure Engineering Framework (SEF) compliance

APAR IO15663 (CMVC 112570)
[MDVREGR IO14031] Errors extracting java-*-TDS.tar on AIX, HP or

APARs from (webadmin 6.0003)

APAR IO15185 (CMVC 112480)
Default timeout for pass-through authentication (PTA) too short

APAR IO15265 (CMVC 112524)
idsbulkload fails on RHEL 6 with GLPBLK108E error

APAR IO15416 (CMVC 112482 112492 112494)
idsxinst may crash on a system with more than 10 network

APAR IO15419 (CMVC 112472)
Script 'tbindmsg' calls itself when it fails and gets into
infinite loop

APAR IO15420 (CMVC 112520 112561)
TDS instance fails to start with error GLPCTL088E

APAR IO15423 (CMVC 112489)
TDS schema with multi-line attribute descriptions are corrupted
by migration

APAR IO15425 (CMVC 112502)
idsinstall force update fails on client-only install

APAR IO15431 (CMVC 112491)
Crash in ldap_simple_bind() with dn=NULL and trace enabled

APAR IO15437 (CMVC 112568)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (webadmin 6.0003)

APAR IO14908 (CMVC 112378)
ldapsearch fails to load GSKit, rc=118

APAR IO15081 (CMVC 108339)
GLPRDB004E after idsdbrestore if DB home different from TDS home

APAR IO15082 (CMVC 112433 112458 112459 112460)

APAR IO15083 (CMVC 112449)
ldapsearch behaves erratically if attribute cache is enabled.

APAR IO15084 (CMVC 111820)
LDAP clients fail to chase referral on bind operation

APAR IO15085 (CMVC 112064 112455 112464)
The Changelog cleanup code cannot remove incomplete entries in
the changelog db.

APAR IO15086 (CMVC 112063)
RootDSE search may incorrectly calculate the firstchangenumber

APAR IO15087 (CMVC 112015)
Resuming replication does not retry last change if it failed

APAR IO15088 (CMVC 112396)
AIX install of idsldap.cltjava63.rte fileset will not report
insufficient disk space errors.

APAR IO15089 (CMVC 112417)
blank line needed after last entry in timdelref.conf file.

APAR IO15090 (CMVC 112361 112395)
idsldapchangepwd can fail to replicate if SSHA encryption is
used on the supplier

APAR IO15091 (CMVC 112324)
-x option of idsdb2ldif command is not described correctly

APAR IO15092 (CMVC 112251)
adding duplicate ibm-memberGroup value in modify causes deadlock
in DN cache

APAR IO15093 (CMVC 112334)
ldap client hangs when chasing referrals.

APAR IO15094 (CMVC 112427)
ibmslapd crashes in initialization of paged search connection

APAR IO15095 (CMVC 112377)
duplicate pre-op numbers in audit log

APAR IO15096 (CMVC 112371)
ldap client hangs when chasing referrals.

APAR IO15097 (CMVC 112430)
Include paged search info in audit log

APAR IO15098 (CMVC 112448)
Audit timestamp is always "+00.00" offset from UTC

APAR IO15099 (CMVC 111942 112446 112447)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0003)

APAR IO14380 (CMVC 112200)
[MDVREGR IO14213] "No search results were found." from webadmin
and "Unknown error" from sorted search (-o)

APAR IO14643 (CMVC 112252)
superfluous informational messages in ibmslapd.log

APAR IO14652 (CMVC 112008)
Server memory leak during search operations

APAR IO14653 (CMVC 112168)
ldap_ssl_client_init failed! rc == -1 "Unknown SSL error"

APAR IO14655 (CMVC 112216)
replication operations intermittently do not replicate to all

APAR IO14656 (CMVC 112229)
Memory leak if establishing an SSL connection fails

APAR IO14657 (CMVC 112186 112220 112227)
SSL error GLPSSL019E on Windows after installing TDS

APAR IO14658 (CMVC 112230)
Incorrect error upon adding entry with attribute using langtags

APAR IO14659 (CMVC 112239)
Memory leak if Non-SSL client receives SSL referral

APAR IO14660 (CMVC 112242)
Memory leak if SSL client receives non-SSL referral

APAR IO14661 (CMVC 112256)
TDS client does not reject empty string as invalid search filter

APAR IO14662 (CMVC 112246)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0003)

APAR IO13875 (CMVC 111888)
TDS 6.3 idswmigr shows unwanted message

APAR IO14341 (CMVC 112112)
Allow PTA connection errors at server startup

APAR IO14343 (CMVC 112113 112138)
*str* filter does not match if 'str' is beyond first or last 240
bytes of attribute value

APAR IO14352 (CMVC 112073)
ibm-allGroups/ibm-allMembers search on proxy requires global
admin group privileges

APAR IO14353 (CMVC 112143)
idsldap.clt_max_crypto32bit63 requires 64-bit GSKit to install

APAR IO14355 (CMVC 112127 112130 112137)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0002)

APAR IO14033 (CMVC 111952)
Migration fails to copy custom schema files

APAR IO14323 (CMVC 111885)
Complex search filter containing encrypted attribute fails to
return results.

APAR IO14328 (CMVC 111917 112024)
Expanding non-leaf node in WAT gives error GLPWDM041E - A leaf
node can't be expanded

APAR IO14330 (CMVC 111983)
webadmin fails to apply password policy on group entry

APAR IO14332 (CMVC 112007)
IDSWebApp: Unauthenticated Log File Access

APAR IO14335 (CMVC 112017)
Fail to migrate standard objectclass if new attribute is added

APAR IO14337 (CMVC 111941)
unable to assign password policy without expire time to a group
of users.

APAR IO14339 (CMVC 112025)
IDSWebApp password field with auto-complete enabled - need
explicitly disable the auto-complete feature.

APAR IO14345 (CMVC 111868)
modifytimestamp changes on replica when an ldapcompare is run

APAR IO14348 (CMVC 111798)
start -> all programs -> itds 6.2 -> WAT (secure) displays error
on page

APAR IO14350 (CMVC 111972)
SSL handshake timed out before the actual Time-out value.

APAR IO14351 (CMVC 111979)
db2Ldif is not exporting data (fails) with no error messages

APAR IO14354 (CMVC 111996 112028 112038)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0001)

APAR IO14018 (CMVC 111978)
Java JRE update for CVE-2010-4476

APAR IO14099 (CMVC 111998 112016)
[MDVREGR IO13574] Sever leaks memory if audit log enabled

APAR IO14211 (CMVC 111765)
ibmslapd process cores when conflict resolution enabled

APAR IO14212 (CMVC 111988)
modifiersname may not get updated on entry modification

APAR IO14213 (CMVC 112033 112043)
Performance enhancement for VLV search of 'objectclass=*'

APAR IO14214 (CMVC 112034 112036 112037)
idsrunstats does not honor IBMSLAPD_USE_SELECTIVITY=YES

APAR IO14216 (CMVC 112029)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0001)

APAR IO13788 (CMVC 111722)
LDAP server leaks memory when database codepage is not UTF8

APAR IO14008 (CMVC 111859)
Bind may randomly fail w/ rc=82 (LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR) if Password
Policy is enabled.

APAR IO14009 (CMVC 111837 111889 111905)
TDS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

APAR IO14028 (CMVC 111915 111948)
Mask sensitive data in audit log and server trace

APAR IO14031 (CMVC 111898 111904 111909 111922 111925 111950 111980)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 6.0001)

APAR IO13404 (CMVC 111661 111740)
GSKIT_CLIENT_VERSION env variable does not work on Windows.

APAR IO13574 (CMVC 111691)
Proxy server crashes if backend server is down.

APAR IO13575 (CMVC 111732)
Custom passwd. policy plugin fails with schema violation error.

APAR IO13737 (CMVC 111804)
ldap_set_option returns error 89 for LDAP_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT.

APAR IO13814 (CMVC 108545)
idsinstall script doesn't update msg package.

APAR IO13815 (CMVC 111460)
After upgrade two java client versions are visible.

APAR IO13816 (CMVC 111499)
Enhance GLPSRV165E Pass-through authentication timeout message.

APAR IO13817 (CMVC 111553)
LDAP server memory leak in replication-supplier.

APAR IO13818 (CMVC 111813)
Infinite loop encountered as a result of a bad search filter.

APAR IO13819 (CMVC 111760)
Object class violation error, if first attribute is encrypted.

APAR IO13820 (CMVC 111395 111806)
Routine build maintenance.

APARs from ( / 6.0001)

APAR IO13310 (CMVC 110083)
IDSWebApp displays incorrect icon and tooltip for topology.

APAR IO13366 (CMVC 111323)
Migration fails in case of missing perftune stats log file.

APAR IO13367 (CMVC 111359)
Webadmin sends attribute name in lower case on modify operation.

APAR IO13375 (CMVC 106054)
Attribute is unusable after increasing attribute length.

APAR IO13399 (CMVC 111669)
TDS client libraries version info on Windows.

APAR IO13424 (CMVC 105239)
Bad BER request could potentially crash Tivoli Directory Server.

APAR IO13426 (CMVC 110424)
Small memory leak when IBMSLAPD_PREOP_AUDIT=YES and audit is ON.

APAR IO13430 (CMVC 111038 111534)
Allow for customized kerberos principal name.

APAR IO13432 (CMVC 111188)
Update bundled JDK on AIX and Linux PPC for POWER7 compatibility.

APAR IO13434 (CMVC 111316)
ACCESSIBILITY:Not able to read the dialog box on idsxinst.

APAR IO13438 (CMVC 111343)
Fix memory leaks in audit w/preop ON.

APAR IO13441 (CMVC 111349)
Auth. against CRL server fails with valid password.

APAR IO13442 (CMVC 111382)
Edit attribute panel fails to launch.

APAR IO13444 (CMVC 111426 111427 111428 111678)
Routine build maintenance.

APAR IO13445 (CMVC 111457)
idsbulkload -S fails w/ GLPCOM013E Attribute pwdGroupPolicyDN
not found in schema.

APAR IO13446 (CMVC 111470)
idslogmgmnt.cmd uses non-existent commands.

APAR IO13448 (CMVC 111486)
replication hangs in "active" state for one or more consumers in
a replication context.

APAR IO13449 (CMVC 111509)
User template changes are not being saved.

APAR IO13450 (CMVC 111522)
In rare cases, performance auditing attribute timeonworkQ may be
incorrectly calculated.

APAR IO13451 (CMVC 111262)
Proxy server core due to paged results search.

APAR IO13454 (CMVC 111333)
ldapcompare skipping password compare if pwdReset=true.

APAR IO13455 (CMVC 111537)
Memory leak in ldap_result client API.

APAR IO13459 (CMVC 111413 111425)
inconsistent search results with filter uid=<val> and uid=<val>*.

APAR IO13466 (CMVC 111513)
Unable to delete multiple entries selected on multiple pages.

APAR IO13471 (CMVC 111549)
idsxcfg:optimize db fails if local & global ldapdb.prop differs.

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