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Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 interim fix Fixes all APARs listed below.

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Naming conventions:

As of, package names have been changed from "-TIV-ITDS-" to "-ISS-ITDS-" to reflect that Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) is now part of the IBM Security Systems (ISS) division.

Prior to version, TDS fixes used separate fix pack and interim fix numbers. Fix packs were numbered sequentially, and interim fixes were restarted from '1' after every fix pack. But the actual version (V.R.M.F) number was strictly sequential, and unrelated to either the fix pack or interim fix numbers.

For example: 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0006 was "the 6th fix pack" even though it was version, and was "the 2nd interim fix after the 6th fix pack" even though it was version

Starting with version, TDS fixes have only 1 version number.* Fix packs and interim fixes do not have a separate numbering sequence, and the "FP", "IF" or "TF" in the name is merely a label indicating the level of testing applied to the build. can now be understood as "version is an interim fix", not "the 45th interim fix after the 45th fix pack".

FP: Fix packs are formally verified and regression tested by an independent test team. The most recent OS patches, as well as WebSphere, GSKit and DB2 updates are certified during fix pack testing and the tested environments are documented in the fix pack README.
IF: Interim fixes are verified by support and development and recommended for all users. Most fixes are delivered as IF's.
Fix packs and interim fixes are available to all entitled users and can be downloaded directly from fix central.
LA: Limited availability interim fixes are used to deliver APARs before a more formal interim fix or fix pack is released. They are intended for a limited audience and supported until a more formal fix is published.
TF: Test fixes are special purpose builds used to diagnose a specific problem or validate a specific fix. They are not generally available or supported beyond their intended use.
Limited availability and test fixes are never published to fix central and can only be obtained directly from IBM support.

* There are separate versions for TDS (6.1.0.x) and the webadmin tool (4.x). Installing the TDS fix does not automatically deploy the updated webadmin tool to the WebSphere application server (WAS). This requires additional steps which are documented in the installation instructions at the end of the README.

Problem Tracking Information:

The APAR number and abstract for all changes included in this fix are listed below. Further detail on individual APARs can be found by searching for the APAR number on the Tivoli Directory Server Support Web page.

APARs from ( / 4.0027)

APAR IO16186 (CMVC 112529)
XSS vulnerability with the Web Admin Tool.

APAR IO16189 (CMVC 112756 112757 112759)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0026)

APAR IO14634 (CMVC 112697)
Configurable LOG LEVEL for idslogmgmt tool.

APAR IO15264 (CMVC 112558)
ldapsearch/modify/add/delete of specific entry fails with rc=85
(if left running long enough)

APAR IO15346 (CMVC 112559)
Client library leaks memory, if any error in referral chase.

APAR IO15383 (CMVC 112591)
core on libpthreads.a while using secldap

APAR IO15553 (CMVC 112581 112608)
[MDVREGR IO15417] "ibmdiradm -k" fails on Solaris, "ibmslapd -k"
fails on AIX if 'srv_max_crypto' is not installed.

APAR IO15651 (CMVC 112630)
[MDVREGR IO10999] ITDS Proxy Server crashes when server tracing
is enabled.

APAR IO15707 (CMVC 112656)
Paged search requests might cause ldap crash.

APAR IO15757 (CMVC 112685)
[MDVREGR IO14203] whitepages installer fails to launch

APAR IO15816 (CMVC 112668)
ldapsearch client gives memory fault on 64 bit Linux systems
when used with -L option on an image file.

APAR IO15857 (CMVC 112579)
Incorrect results for wildcard search of DN ending w/ ','

APAR IO15902 (CMVC 112722)
configured cipher list is not honored for TLSv1

APAR IO16006 (CMVC 112538)
Proxy Server hangs on bind ops when PTA server down

APAR IO16008 (CMVC 112713)
ibmdirctl start results in rc=-1 operations error on RHEL 6

APAR IO16010 (CMVC 112437 112678 112681 112691)
consistent time stamps in log files

APAR IO16014 (CMVC 112521)
Repeated Enable/Disable of password policy in webadmin fails
with error GLPWSA040E

APAR IO16020 (CMVC 112592)
IBMSLAPD/IBMDIRADM fail to start after disabling FIPS mode

APAR IO16021 (CMVC 112688)
ibmslapd may core when shutting down

APAR IO16025 (CMVC 112703)
ibmdirctl start results in rc=-1 operations error on RHEL 6

APAR IO16035 (CMVC 112684)
NULL-MD5 and NULL-SHA ciphers are enabled in default TLS

APAR IO16041 (CMVC 112248 112669 112711)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0025)

APAR IO15138 (CMVC 112489)
TDS schema with multi-line attribute descriptions are corrupted
by migration

APAR IO15178 (CMVC 112502)
idsinstall force update fails on client-ony install

APAR IO15415 (CMVC 112482 112492 112494)
idsxinst may crash on a system with more than 10 network

APAR IO15417 (CMVC 112520 112561 112569)
TDS instance fails to start with error GLPCTL088E

APAR IO15418 (CMVC 112472)
Script 'tbindmsg' calls itself when it fails and gets into
infinite loop

APAR IO15426 (CMVC 112480)
Default timeout for passthrough authentication (PTA) too short

APAR IO15428 (CMVC 112524)
idsbulkload fails on RHEL 6 with GLPBLK108E error

APAR IO15430 (CMVC 112491)
Crash in ldap_simple_bind() with dn=NULL and trace enabled

APAR IO15436 (CMVC 112566)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0025)

APAR IO13925 (CMVC 112064 112455)
The Changelog cleanup code cannot remove incomplete entries in
the changelog db.

APAR IO13935 (CMVC 112063)
RootDSE search may incorrectly calculate the firstchangenumber

APAR IO14157 (CMVC 112015)
Resuming replication does not retry last change if it failed

APAR IO14531 (CMVC 112396)
AIX install of idsldap.cltjava61.rte fileset will not report
insufficient disk space errors.

APAR IO14547 (CMVC 112251)
adding duplicate ibm-memberGroup value in modify causes deadlock
in DN cache

APAR IO14552 (CMVC 112417)
blank line needed after last entry in timdelref.conf file.

APAR IO14729 (CMVC 112300 112462)
Server seems hang. Msg "operation error" is returned for any
database related operation being requested.

APAR IO14866 (CMVC 112334)
ldap client hangs when chasing referrals.

APAR IO15049 (CMVC 112371)
ldap client hangs when chasing referrals.

APAR IO15051 (CMVC 112433 112454 112458)

APAR IO15057 (CMVC 112449)
ldapsearch behaves erratically if attribute cache is enabled.

APAR IO15058 (CMVC 111820)
LDAP clients fail to chase referral on bind operation

APAR IO15059 (CMVC 112361 112395 112457 112461)
idsldapchangepwd can fail to replicate if SSHA encryption is
used on the supplier

APAR IO15060 (CMVC 112427)
ibmslapd crashes in initialization of paged search connection

APAR IO15061 (CMVC 112377)
duplicate pre-op numbers in audit log

APAR IO15062 (CMVC 112430)
Include paged search info in audit log

APAR IO15063 (CMVC 112448)
Audit timestamp is always "+00.00" offset from UTC

APAR IO15064 (CMVC 111942 112444 112447)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0025)

APAR IO14554 (CMVC 112239)
Memory leak if Non-SSL client receives SSL referral

APAR IO14555 (CMVC 112242)
Memory leak if SSL client receives non-SSL referral

APAR IO14556 (CMVC 112256)
TDS client does not reject empty string as invalid search filter

APAR IO14626 (CMVC 112255)
idsdbback completes rc=0 even if database backup failed.

APAR IO14644 (CMVC 112008)
Server memory leak during search operations

APAR IO14645 (CMVC 112168)
ldap_ssl_client_init failed! rc == -1 "Unknown SSL error"

APAR IO14646 (CMVC 112216)
replication operations intermittently do not replicate to all

APAR IO14648 (CMVC 112229)
Memory leak if establishing an SSL connection fails

APAR IO14649 (CMVC 112230)
Incorrect error upon adding entry with attribute using langtags

APAR IO14650 (CMVC 112186 112220 112227)
SSL error GLPSSL019E on Windows after installing TDS

APAR IO14651 (CMVC 112244)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0025)

APAR IO13852 (CMVC 111868)
modifytimestamp changes on replica when an ldapcompare is run

APAR IO13869 (CMVC 111972)
SSL handshake timed out before the actual Time-out value.

APAR IO14164 (CMVC 112027)
Search with replication credentials does not return password.

APAR IO14198 (CMVC 112046)
embedded package script selects wrong DB2 version during install
of TDS 6.1

APAR IO14203 (CMVC 112057)
deploy_WhitePages script installed without execute permissions

APAR IO14320 (CMVC 111885)
Complex search filter containing encrypted attribute fails to
return results.

APAR IO14325 (CMVC 111917 112024)
Expanding non-leaf node in WAT gives error GLPWDM041E - A leaf
node can't be expanded

APAR IO14329 (CMVC 111983)
webadmin fails to apply password policy on group entry

APAR IO14331 (CMVC 112007)
IDSWebApp: Unauthenticated Log File Access

APAR IO14334 (CMVC 112017)
Fail to migrate standard objectclass if new attribute is added

APAR IO14336 (CMVC 111941)
unable to assign password policy without expire time to a group
of users.

APAR IO14338 (CMVC 112025)
IDSWebApp password field with auto-complete enabled - need
explicitly disable the auto-complete feature.

APAR IO14340 (CMVC 112112)
Allow PTA connection errors at server startup

APAR IO14342 (CMVC 112113 112138)
*str* filter does not match if 'str' is beyond first or last 240
bytes of attribute value

APAR IO14346 (CMVC 112125 112128 112132)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0006 ( / 4.0024)

APAR IO14014 (CMVC 111978 112068)
Java JRE update for CVE-2010-4476

APAR IO14057 (CMVC 111988)
[MDVREGR IO12013] modifiersname may not get updated on entry

APAR IO14098 (CMVC 111998 112016)
[MDVREGR IO13567] Sever leaks memory if audit log enabled

APAR IO14192 (CMVC 111765)
ibmslapd process cores when conflict resolution enabled

APAR IO14193 (CMVC 112032 112067)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0024)

APAR IO12722 (CMVC 111722)
LDAP server leaks memory when database codepage is not UTF8

APAR IO13841 (CMVC 111859)
[MDVREGR IO11905] Bind may randomly fail w/ rc=82
(LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR) if Password Policy is enabled.

APAR IO14013 (CMVC 111837 111889 111905)
TDS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

APAR IO14023 (CMVC 111915 111927 111929 111930 111948)
Mask sensitive data in audit log and server trace

APAR IO14029 (CMVC 111898 111901 111909 111922 111925 111950 111980)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0024)

APAR IO11284 (CMVC 111537)
Memory leak in failure path of LDAP_RESULT API.

APAR IO13462 (CMVC 111553)
LDAP server memory leak on supplier in supplier-consumer
replication configuration.

APAR IO13567 (CMVC 111691)
Proxy server crashes if backend server is down.

APAR IO13571 (CMVC 111732)
Custom passwd. policy plugin fails with schema violation error.

APAR IO13810 (CMVC 111499)
Add hostname/dn to GLPSRV165E.

APAR IO13811 (CMVC 111760)
Object class violation error, if first attribute is encrypted.

APAR IO13812 (CMVC 111813)
ldap_result stops returning results.

APAR IO13813 (CMVC 111807)
Routine build maintenance.

APARs from ( / 4.0024)

APAR IO12991 (CMVC 111482)
Attribute is unusable after increasing attribute length.

APAR IO12998 (CMVC 110083)
Web Admin tool displays incorrect icon and tooltip for topology.

APAR IO13302 (CMVC 111522)
In rare cases, performance auditing attribute timeonworkQ may be
incorrectly calculated.

APAR IO13378 (CMVC 100462 111382)
Web Administration tool fails to load the edit attribute panel for
an entry.

APAR IO13379 (CMVC 105239)
Bad BER request could potentially crash Tivoli Directory Server.

APAR IO13381 (CMVC 111038 111534)
Allow for customized kerberos principal name.

APAR IO13382 (CMVC 111457)
idsbulkload -S fails w/ GLPCOM013E Attribute pwdGroupPoliceDN not
found in schema.

APAR IO13383 (CMVC 111470)
idslogmgmt.cmd script calls "cp" and "sleep" commands on windows.

APAR IO13384 (CMVC 111509)
User template changes are not being saved.

APAR IO13386 (CMVC 111635 111636 111641)
Routine build maintenance.

APAR IO13393 (CMVC 111333)
ldapcompare always returns true when target dn has pwdReset:true.

APAR IO13397 (CMVC 111549)
idsxcfg:optimize db fails if local & global ldapdb.prop differs.

APAR IO13400 (CMVC 111513)
Unable to delete multiple entries selected on multiple pages.

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0005 ( / 4.0023)

APAR IO11905 (CMVC 111206 111486)
Bind() operation needs exclusive WRITE LOCK for pwdPolicy.

APAR IO12953 (CMVC 110424 111343)
Small memory leak when IBMSLAPD_PREOP_AUDIT=YES and audit is ON.

APAR IO13269 (CMVC 110998 110999 111188)
Update bundled JDK on AIX and Linux PPC for POWER7 compatibility.

APAR IO13270 (CMVC 111349)
correct ibm-slapdLdapCrlUser and ibm-slapdLdapCrlPassword function.

APAR IO13272 (CMVC 111434)
idsinstall script doesn't update msg package on HP-UX.

APAR IO13273 (CMVC 111460)
Two versions of java client are visible on Linux PPC after upgrade.

APAR IO13274 (CMVC 111385 111386 111410)
Routine build maintenance.

APAR IO13282 (CMVC 111262)
Proxy server core due to paged results search.

APARs from ( / 4.0022)

APAR IO12013 (CMVC 110051 111287)
Replicated failed compare updates modifytimestamp.

APAR IO12284 (CMVC 110210)
PREOP audit record is missing from bind operation.

APAR IO12313 (CMVC 111189)
Inconsistent search results when attribute cache enabled.

APAR IO12423 (CMVC 110950)
Server cores/hangs due to incorrect dn refcnt.

APAR IO12448 (CMVC 111218)
idsldif2db only imports the first entry with operational

APAR IO12510 (CMVC 111008)
ibmslapd cores intermittently.

APAR IO12673 (CMVC 111194)
Client LDAP search may hang waiting for server.

APAR IO12716 (CMVC 110090)
idsldif2db may coredump on program exit if
ibm-slapdReplDBConns is set in ibmslapd.conf.

APAR IO12717 (CMVC 110701)
idsimigr fails to read file in unicode locales.

APAR IO12720 (CMVC 111072)
ldapsearch does not support passwords starting with the '?'

APAR IO12740 (CMVC 110993)
Add missing groups that group password policy applies to.

APAR IO12741 (CMVC 110170)
Can't load pwdPolicy attributes like PwdReset using bulkload.

APAR IO12745 (CMVC 111131)
Search request cores when schema has changed.

APAR IO12763 (CMVC 106606)
Loading of MD5 data double encrypts.

APAR IO12765 (CMVC 110908)
ldtrc should find tfi files without TRCTFIDIR.

APAR IO12769 (CMVC 111070)
Wrong timestamps in db2cli.log.

APAR IO12775 (CMVC 111096 111263)
core generated when using digest-md5 connections.

APAR IO12776 (CMVC 111141 111260)
DB2 password appears twice in ldapinst.log

APAR IO12796 (CMVC 111256)
free(): invalid next size.

APAR IO12798 (CMVC 111213 111238 111239 111255)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO12804 (CMVC 109336)
Extra cn=NULL appears in db2ldif ouput.

APAR IO12805 (CMVC 110685)
idsperftune fails when ibmslapd doesn't listen on localhost.

APAR IO12809 (CMVC 111119)
Add/Mod of "ldaps" URL fails for "ibm-replicareferralurl" attrbutes.

APARs from ( / 4.0021)
APAR IO11737 (CMVC 109311)
Handling memory leak issue in ITDS.

APAR IO11741 (CMVC 109411)
[MDVREGR IO08082]Search gives DB2 Tablename as attribute name
with hyphen char.

APAR IO11888 (CMVC 109375)
Client hangs when bind with a busy cached dn.

APAR IO12022 (CMVC 110025)
Different Timestamps in db2cli.log file.

APAR IO12102 (CMVC 109948)
TDS 6.1 randomly core.

APAR IO12132 (CMVC 109469)
idsimigr not picking correct DB2.

APAR IO12232 (CMVC 110317)
[MDVREGR IO11094]Server will become suggish and can apper to be
hung when replication PASSWORD POLICY related attributes.

APAR IO12246 (CMVC 110698)

APAR IO12249 (CMVC 110703)
"Active Directory synchronization" does not work.

APAR IO12254 (CMVC 110370)
Can't update all existing packages. update packages are missing.

APAR IO12281 (CMVC 110447)
User's pwdreset value gets replicated incorrectly.

APAR IO12291 (CMVC 110434)
Web admin adds attr. cache settings on its own.

APAR IO12354 (CMVC 109391)
Minor modification to

APAR IO12438 (CMVC 110146)
aliasedEntryName should be an alternative of aliasedObjectName.

APAR IO12443 (CMVC 110669)
ibmslapd will core dump during a compare operation if dn in NULL
and audit.log is enabled.

APAR IO12444 (CMVC 110827)
client code corrupts arabic search filter by stripping 0xD8 byte
from leading character.

APAR IO12445 (CMVC 108271 110291 110857)
Server doesn't stop immediately after ibmslapd -k exits.

APAR IO12452 (CMVC 110704 110505 110506 110846 108018 110343)
Routine build maintenance.

APAR IO12463 (CMVC 110764)
Server Hang, crash issue with paged search.

APAR IO12467 (CMVC 99823)
DSML - modify to correctly process NOT filters.

APARs from ( / 4.0020)

APAR IO12050 (CMVC 109780)
[MDVREGR IO11916] imask encrypted passwords are returned as null
in search results.

APAR IO12051 (CMVC 109780)
[MDVREGR IO11916] changelog shows blank changes

APAR IO12056 (CMVC 109396 109450)
GLPRPL024E error message requires additional information.

APAR IO12061 (CMVC 109620)
[MDVREGR IO11472] Server hung using paged searches with
GLPSRV203W messages in ibmslapd.log

APAR IO12064 (CMVC 109613 109785)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0020)

APAR IO11537 (CMVC 108104 109037 109378 109382)
LDAP client libraries for releases 6.1 and later now honor the

APAR IO11607 (CMVC 108931)
Realm doesn't work for boolean valued user template.

APAR IO11612 (CMVC 108790)
Server may trap if active password policy entries does not have
policy start time attribute.

APAR IO11701 (CMVC 108864)
deadlock encountered when reconfiguring replication topology

APAR IO11733 (CMVC 109155)
deploy_idswebapp doesn't work when called with absolute path

APAR IO11735 (CMVC 109251)
deploy_idswebapp script reports war file is not valid

APAR IO11738 (CMVC 109297)
ibmslapd crashes while shutting down.

APAR IO11823 (CMVC 109360)
eSIP IBM20100125-1140: LDAP do_extendedOp DoS vulnerability

APAR IO11834 (CMVC 109212)
Windows idsxinst fails if encryption salt contains pipe (|)

APAR IO11845 (CMVC 109036)
proxy server fails to reconnect to backend

APAR IO11866 (CMVC 109289)
[MDVREGR IO11522] Replication blocked but status shows active

APAR IO11915 (CMVC 108545)
idslogmgmt.log permission conflict if run as root and inst owner

APAR IO11916 (CMVC 108669)
base64 encoded pwds not returned in ldapsearch

APAR IO11917 (CMVC 108865)
schema violation when adding entries with boolean attributes via
the web admin

APAR IO11919 (CMVC 109186 109361 109362 109363)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0019)

APAR IO10390 (CMVC 107947)
timeout error starting Windows services which depend on TDS

APAR IO11263 (CMVC 107232)
Excessive communications errors in ibmslapd.log file when using
some load balancers.

APAR IO11304 (CMVC 108011)
boolean attribute modified in WebAdmin not saved

APAR IO11310 (CMVC 108255)
User add fails for user which uses Realm with user template.

APAR IO11372 (CMVC 107958)
Custom passwd policy outside cn=ibmpolicies cannot be applied
after server restart

APAR IO11472 (CMVC 108251)
LDAP server may crash under heavy load with paged searches

APAR IO11522 (CMVC 108484)
replication hangs in "active" state for one or more consumers in
a replication context

APAR IO11542 (CMVC 108072)
[MDVREGR IO10287] idscfgchglg fails with "Memory fault" if run
w/out -I parameter

APAR IO11602 (CMVC 104090.1)
error 65 Object class violation while creating entry in webadmin

APAR IO11603 (CMVC 106949 107468)
Cannot add ibm-nestedGroup if ibm-membergroup = parent DN

APAR IO11604 (CMVC 107792)
idsldif2db cores after successfully loading all entries

APAR IO11615 (CMVC 108032 108453 108454 108567)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO11631 (CMVC 108259)
audit log incorrectly reporting unauthenticated binds when using
pre-op bind plugin

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0004 ( / 4.0018)

APAR IO11223 (CMVC 107633)
Migration failure in TDS6.1

APAR IO11269 (CMVC 107809)
memory leak if ldap_explode_dn is called for an empty string

APAR IO11401 (CMVC 102230 107961)
Install migration from TDS 5.x fails on Solaris

APAR IO11408 (CMVC 106347)
Configuring proxy server fails when running webadmin on WAS 7

APAR IO11409 (CMVC 106562)
deploy_IDSWebApp.bat fails on Windows 2008

APAR IO11415 (CMVC 107307)
Server core shows SIGSEGV in entry_cache_get_entry_with_buffer()

APAR IO11422 (CMVC 107422)
[MDVPARTL IO10449] Other vendors' clients cannot parse password
policy response control from TDS server

APAR IO11446 (CMVC 107858)
[MDVPARTL IO10492] upgrade from 52 to 61 using idsxinst tries to
configure database

APAR IO11447 (CMVC 107878)
Schema management errors when running webadmin on WAS 7

APAR IO11453 (CMVC 107847 107849 107875 108045)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0017)

APAR IO10861 (CMVC 106995)
SUBSTR and ORDERING definitions removed by schema migration

APAR IO11054 (CMVC 107361)
warning message may not display properly in the web admin tool

APAR IO11056 (CMVC 107453)
ibmslapd crashes on Solaris 10 for SPARC

APAR IO11057 (CMVC 107469)
TDS client trace update

APAR IO11094 (CMVC 107386)
The 'modifiersname' operational attribute of an entry gets out
of sync. during replication if password policy is enabled.

APAR IO11096 (CMVC 107364)
Setting password policy for a dynamic group fails in TDS Web

APAR IO11097 (CMVC 107385)
No error msg displayed on invalid password change.

APAR IO11104 (CMVC 107390)
pass-through authentication (PTA) fails with PKCS#11 enabled

APAR IO11148 (CMVC 107433 107631)
GLPMIG017E Unable to migrate the schema files from version '6.0'
to version '6.1'

APAR IO11153 (CMVC 107553)
TDS 6.1 ibmslapd cores while building effective password policy
for member of nested group

APAR IO11174 (CMVC 107231 107678 107685 107705)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO11182 (CMVC 107256)
modifydn operation may fail with operations error

APAR IO11184 (CMVC 107348)
TDS 6.0 FP05 traps on Suse Linux 9

APARs from ( / 4.0016)

APAR IO10743 (CMVC 107183)
ibmslapd core dumps on Linux 64 during shutdown with -k option.

APAR IO10943 (CMVC 103824)
TDS 6.1 Whitepages application cannot connect to server over SSL

APAR IO10999 (CMVC 107040)
TDS 6.x proxy does not dereference alias request.

APAR IO11002 (CMVC 107095 107212)
TDS server consumes high CPU and may become unresponsive

APAR IO11008 (CMVC 107182 107186 107220)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO11012 (CMVC 106695)
idsimigr - remote schema/conf upgrade

APARs from ( / 4.0015)

APAR IO10416 (CMVC 106909)
idsimigr may fail to update table info in ibmattributetypes

APAR IO10492 (CMVC 106883)
upgrade from 52 to 61 using idsxinst tries to configure database

APAR IO10532 (CMVC 106980)
attribute cache may return inconsistent search results

APAR IO10568 (CMVC 106875)
Java class GroupAuthorizationControl throws exception "Mismatch
of constructed encoding terminations"

APAR IO10719 (CMVC 106907)
idsldapdiff usage gives Exception for Danish locale.

APAR IO10759 (CMVC 106938)
Server cores (SIGSEGV) while running password policy related
update requests.

APAR IO10845 (CMVC 106961)
webadmin - replicated peer server role may be shown as replica

APAR IO10853 (CMVC 106367)
[MDVREGR IO08472] unable to configure adsync solution via
idsadscfg on Unix

APAR IO10858 (CMVC 106985)
'Ok' button not working in idsxinst when copying instance.

APAR IO10863 (CMVC 106982)
Server slows down and effectively hangs when multiple concurrent
operations are initiated.

APAR IO10871 (CMVC 106165)
ldapexop and ibmdirctl show error 'invalid pointer' using TLS

APAR IO10876 (CMVC 106734)
client does not correctly translate \00 to null as per rfc 4515

APAR IO10881 (CMVC 106768)
WebAdmin cannot configure pass-through authentication (PTA) to
AD Global Catalog

APAR IO10882 (CMVC 106865)
significant performance degradation in TDS 6.1 as compared to
TDS 5.2

APAR IO10883 (CMVC 106956 106959 106986)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0014)

APAR IO10319 (CMVC 106792)
ibmslapd may start in config mode after enabling encrypted
attributes feature.

APAR IO10407 (CMVC 106722)
webadmin removes matchingrule upon attribute indexing

APAR IO10436 (CMVC 106767)
webadmin doesn't display matching rules in view attributes
panel if schema uses descriptive names instead of OIDs

APAR IO10437 (CMVC 106781)
TDS migration fails if the db2 instance has an _ in the instance

APAR IO10443 (CMVC 106705)
error GLPCFG144E when adding a new suffix using idsxcfg

APAR IO10445 (CMVC 106725)
Error GLPWDM026E from "Manage users" if user DN contains '/'

APAR IO10449 (CMVC 106739)
TDS client cannot parse password policy response control from
other servers, such as Sun or openLDAP.

APAR IO10657 (CMVC 106824)
Poor performance modifying large group membership in v6.1.0.24

APAR IO10683 (CMVC 106226)
The PasswordAdmin role cannot search password related attributes

APAR IO10690 (CMVC 106689 106790)
Excessive replication conflicts with large groups

APAR IO10692 (CMVC 106766)
TDS client hangs under heavy load

APAR IO10693 (CMVC 106798 106802 106838)
TDS server may not sort national language characters properly

APAR IO10695 (CMVC 106801)
TDS for 64 bit windows is missing 32bit libibmldapdbgstatic.lib

APAR IO10696 (CMVC 106699 106780 106814 106860 106878)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0013)

APAR IO10282 (CMVC 106590)
NAS does not start after migration from TDS 5.2/6.0 to TDS 6.1

APAR IO10322 (CMVC 106614)
SSL Replication does not work after restarting replica instance

APAR IO10447 (CMVC 106688)
Error GLPDBM018E from the idsdbmigr command

APAR IO10470 (CMVC 106202)
6.1 idsimigr fails when 6.0 ids instance is in custom location
(other than home foler)

APAR IO10529 (CMVC 106351 106353 106710)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0013)

APAR IO09904 (CMVC 106390)
idscfgdb fails if the TDS and DB2 instances are different.

APAR IO09953 (CMVC 106477 106542 106598)
idsicrt fails on system with /etc/group containing large groups

APAR IO10131 (CMVC 106464)
[WIN] idsimigr error: '[...]\IBM\SQLLIB' is not recognized ...

APAR IO10194 (CMVC 106478)
idsldapdiff fails with error "GLPJBP043E Exception occurred"

APAR IO10220 (CMVC 101416)
idsimigr cores while migrating from TDS 5.x to 6.x

APAR IO10222 (CMVC 106456)
32k tablespace fails to be created when running the idscfgchglg
command as the ldap instance owner user in a multi-user env

APAR IO10224 (CMVC 106435 106528)
idsinstall fails if multiple TDS versions or non-en msgs are

APAR IO10249 (CMVC 106415)
passthrough authentication (PTA) timeout precluded by an error

APAR IO10273 (CMVC 106485 106469)
SSL errors in other WAS applications after logging into TDS

APAR IO10274 (CMVC 106346)
bulkload/ldif2db fails if attr value length is > 4096 in a line

APAR IO10287 (CMVC 106479)
idscfgchglg command fails if instance owner's home and instance
home are different.

APAR IO10288 (CMVC 106484)
GLPSRV153W message is incorrectly reported in ibmslapd.log

APAR IO10300 (CMVC 106419)
ibmslapd crash deleting entry w/ attribute not in schema

APAR IO10306 (CMVC 106495)
TDS returns wrong result on first idsldapsearch request after
starting or restarting ibmslapd.

APAR IO10307 (CMVC 106496)
TDS server hung for about 59 seconds while retrieving membership

APAR IO10357 (CMVC 106403)
ibmslapd crash (SIGSEGV) with heavy load of 1000's transactions

APAR IO10402 (CMVC 106573)
Enable pass-through authentication (PTA) to AD Global Catalog

APAR IO10403 (CMVC 105994 106299 106424 106488)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from ( / 4.0012)

APAR IO09530 (CMVC 106252)
Error GLPPFT026E from idsperftune on 32 bit OS w/ > 4 GB RAM

APAR IO09839 (CMVC 105673)
TDS 6.1 idsimigr fails to re-encrypt imask passwords to aes256

APAR IO09846 (CMVC 106267)
61 installed in non-default location, idsdbmigr.cmd fails.

APAR IO09881 (CMVC 103994)
bulkload fails to import cn=ibmpolicies after db creation

APAR IO09946 (CMVC 106228)
replication of schema changes blocks with error GLPRPL033E
"schema modify terminated with unauthorized user".

APAR IO10030 (CMVC 106307)
Memory leaks in TDS 6.1 & 6.2 client libraries

APAR IO10107 (CMVC 106293)
rootDSE search returns incorrect lastChangeNumber attribute

APAR IO10142 (CMVC 105564)
Control (no replication conflict resolution) is
not honored

APAR IO10146 (CMVC 106266)
TDS 6.x idsdb2ldif does not export pwdHistory attribute

APAR IO10147 (CMVC 106341 106303 106370)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO10177 (CMVC 106327)
TDS server cores during the import of TIM adapter profile

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0003 (

APAR IO09543 (CMVC 105997)
idsprofile contains V6.0 path reference after 6.1 migration

APAR IO09552 (CMVC 105952)
TDS 6.1 idsperftune -A -B -u fails if dbname .ne. instance name

APAR IO09553 (CMVC 106054)
idsimigr tool doesn't handle multiple objectclass names

APAR IO09826 (CMVC 105987 106130 106131)
Full support for DB2 v9.1 FP5 or later

APAR IO09861 (CMVC 106042)
When ibm-pwdGroupAndIndividualEnabled is enabled, password
policy stops working.

APAR IO09909 (CMVC 106128)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO09957 (CMVC 102191)
TDS server crashes modifying entry with replicationFilterAttr

APAR IO09959 (CMVC 102725.1 102725.2 104862)
Password policy changes on 6.1 or later supplier do not
replicate to 6.0 or earlier consumers.

APAR IO09960 (CMVC 105937 106160)
ldapchangepwd shows error 'invalid pointer'

APARs from (

APAR IO08840 (CMVC 105575)
idsldapdiff control output is incorrect for modify replace

APAR IO08977 (CMVC 105658)
6.1 server utilities usage fails if 6.0 instance listed first.

APAR IO09401 (CMVC 105721)
Partial support for DB2 v9.1 FP5

APAR IO09580 (CMVC 92300)
ITDS 6.1 referrals return duplicate entries

APAR IO09608 (CMVC 105787)
TDS 6.x - idsdb2ldif -s cn=schema core dumps

APAR IO09728 (CMVC 105876)
Server can become unresponsive

APAR IO09729 (CMVC 105968)
Server appears unresponsive after 15 minutes

APAR IO09816 (CMVC 105884 105885 105889)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08374 (CMVC 105131)
ibmslapd ABEND (SIGSEGV) in do_group_ri() function

APAR IO08944 (CMVC 104945)
Server returns fewer results than requested by search SIZELIMIT

APAR IO08952 (CMVC 105246)
idsperftune fails if only -I is specified without -p

APAR IO09480 (CMVC 103987 103987.1)
Proxy may hang when transaction with rollback is received

APAR IO09487 (CMVC 105389)
TDS 6.1 - web admin tool - Not able to browse search base DN
while configuring PTA with active directory.

APAR IO09497 (CMVC 105272) calls ber_init() from external library

APAR IO09522 (CMVC 105281 105283 105452)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08248 (CMVC 104948)
ITDS 6.1 ldapsearch returns error if referral cannot be followed

APAR IO08427 (CMVC 103607)
ITDS proxy instance may not be started via windows services

APAR IO08806 (CMVC 104608)
Unable to set ACLs on entry cn=localhost

APAR IO08898 (CMVC 104901)
ldapmodify on unix fails if LDIF contains "file://" URL

APAR IO09165 (CMVC 103573)
ldapsearch fails if filter contains extended charcters

APAR IO09204 (CMVC 103981)
idsperftune stops after message GLPPFT009I with no errors

APAR IO09257 (CMVC 104010)
idsperftune fails with error GLPPFT002E after migrating instance
to V6.1

APAR IO09258 (CMVC 104024)
Error GLPPFT004E from idsperftune command after migrating
to V6.1

APAR IO09298 (CMVC 103879)
TDS 6.1 referral builds search request with extra filter of

APAR IO09333 (CMVC 103228)
replication schedule set up via web admin not completed

APAR IO09370 (CMVC 103501)
Instance creation fails on Windows if "Administrators" group is
not english

APAR IO09393 (CMVC 99785)
Java.lang.NullPointerException logged by the Web Admin tool

APAR IO09394 (CMVC 100565.1)
1 or more Servers gets hanged if modrdn is applied on same
entries on all peers simultaneously

APAR IO09397 (CMVC 101619)
idsperftune fails with error GLPPFT019E if database name is
different than db2 instance name

APAR IO09398 (CMVC 102783)
TDS 6.1 WhitePages application throws exception

APAR IO09402 (CMVC 104039)
Server may core on Linux w/ > 10880 clients connected

APAR IO09404 (CMVC 104190)
Group membership is not correctly determined for LDAP and
changelog backends

APAR IO09405 (CMVC 104286)
start/stop/restart panel in webadmin polls ibmslapd every second

APAR IO09406 (CMVC 104652)
AE IO08805 FIX COMPLETION: TISDIR environment variable error
after updating TDS client to 6.1 FP2

APAR IO09407 (CMVC 104214 104216 104962)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08472 (CMVC 103373)
Active directory synchronization fails on Windows

APAR IO08769 (CMVC 102425)
ibmslapd/idsslapd wrapper fails to manage core files on linux

APAR IO09079 (CMVC 103015)
TDS 6.x - search via referral disregards search filter

APAR IO09103 (CMVC 103195)
ldapsearch with ibm-allGroups returns partial results

APAR IO09171 (CMVC 102443 103460)
Error GLPCOM008E after migrating server from 5.2 or 6.0 to 6.1

APAR IO09267 (CMVC 103298)
idsxinst.cmd fails on Win2008 when creating new instance

APAR IO09268 (CMVC 103408)
ldapsearch error using -m DIGEST-MD5 on HP-IA64:
"ldap_sasl_bind_s: Plugin library not loaded"

APAR IO09269 (CMVC 103547)
Client side custom SASL plugin fails w/ rc = 7

APAR IO09271 (CMVC 103628)
SASL bind fails if no plugin is registered with client

APAR IO09293 (CMVC 103762)
TDS instance migration on AIX fails with error GLPDBM043E

APAR IO09297 (CMVC 103552)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0002 (

APAR IO08805 (CMVC 103002)
LDAP cannot retrieve variables set w/ SetEnvironmentVariable()

APAR IO09126 (CMVC 102807)
All writes and potentially some or all reads are blocked while
skipping large number of pending changes in replication queues

APAR IO09128 (CMVC 103012)
proxy server may return incorrect result for ldapcompare of
binary attribute values

APAR IO09129 (CMVC 103019 103038) *
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO09133 (CMVC 100569)
Proxy server returns LDAP_SERVER_DOWN when backend server is up

APAR IO09144 (CMVC 103021)
Error GLPRDB001E when deleting a uniqueMember attribute value

APARs from (

APAR IO08890 (CMVC 102375 102628)
client receiving incorrect result when server is down

APAR IO09113 (CMVC 100048)
TDS Server ABEND adding ibm-globalAdminGroup entry

APAR IO09120 (CMVC 100839 100893)
Ship "ldif" utility for TDS 6.x

APAR IO09129 (CMVC 102973)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO09039 (CMVC 102900)
Unpredictable results or instability from slapi_search_internal
or slapi_add_entry_internal API calls

APAR IO09129 (CMVC 101956 102916) *
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO07966 (CMVC 102731)
TDS client does not honor search timeout < 1 second

APAR IO08751 (CMVC 102634)
Server may core w/ SIGSEGV on Linux w/ > 1000 clients connected

APAR IO09042 (CMVC 102367)
TDS 6.1 update install preselects uninstallable coreqs in ISMP

APAR IO09050 (CMVC 102726)
incorrect error when adding an attribute type to the TDS schema

APAR IO09104 (CMVC 99746)
idsicrt,idsxinst does not recognize alias IP address on Linux

APAR IO09105 (CMVC 99747)
idsicrt,idsxinst does not recognize alias IP address on AIX

APAR IO09122 (CMVC 102403)
Potential SIGSEGV from TDS 6.1 client library when using the
ldap_url_search_st() API

APAR IO09125 (CMVC 102680)
The TDS shared LDAP client library does not export all APIs
identified in the Programming Reference documentation.

APAR IO09129 (CMVC 102812 102822) *
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08743 (CMVC 102266)
ITDS migration may not migrate indexes containing "REVERSE"
index correctly.

APAR IO08846 (CMVC 102224)
secldapclntd is crashing in libibmldap.a

APAR IO09108 (CMVC 99833)
New diagnostic audit log pre-op and post-op records

APAR IO09121 (CMVC 100928 101973 102038 102053 102054 102056)
Support TDS 6.1 on Windows 2008 "Longhorn"

APAR IO09129 (CMVC 102200 102383) *
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO07010 (CMVC 101914)
ibmslapd crashes in free_searchOpStruct_stmt_handles routine.

APAR IO08879 (CMVC 101907)
TDS shared LDAP client library does not export all APIs
identified in the Programming Reference documentation

APAR IO08892 (CMVC 102218 102379)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO08909 (CMVC 100568 100809)
TDS proxy operations error with custom attr that contains _ char

APARs from (

APAR IO08332 (CMVC 100685)
idsadscfg doesn't handle DNs with spaces

APAR IO08429 (CMVC 100924)
Local Admin gets "Unauthorized Access" on user password update

APAR IO08719 (CMVC 101545)
TDS 6.1 idsdb2ldif hangs when -x flag is used

APAR IO08764 (CMVC 100940)
LDAP client fails to timeout when receiving incomplete messages

APAR IO08771 (CMVC 101814)
Segmentation Fault from ibmslapd after migration from 5.2 to 6.1

APAR IO08773 (CMVC 101278)
Webadmin always displays security-class as STANDARD

APAR IO08808 (CMVC 101441)
TDS 6.x webadmin cannot administer Z/OS LDAP server

APAR IO08812 (CMVC 101508)
generalized time format attributes corrupted under heavy loads

APAR IO08813 (CMVC 101708 101816 101822 101823)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08728 (CMVC 101277)
Webadmin cannot modify schema in non English locale

APAR IO08730 (CMVC 101422)
ldap_search_ext_s() is not timing out on the client side

APAR IO08731 (CMVC 101436 101442 101444)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08715 (CMVC 100829)
ldap client fails to connect to alternate hosts in list

APAR IO08716 (CMVC 101100)
Cached group memberships not cleared after rebind

APAR IO08717 (CMVC 101101)
modifyDN w/ via proxy server ignores deleteoldrdn=FALSE option

APAR IO08720 (CMVC 101323)
ldap_search_st() API may core when processing referrals

APAR IO08721 (CMVC 100928 101364)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO08734 (CMVC 101303)
Error GLPCTL036E from idscfgdb in using DB2 9 in Japanese locale

APARs from (

APAR IO08438 (CMVC 100765)
TDS Proxy returns full results for ibm-allGroups search

APAR IO08662 (CMVC 100648)
ldapdiff: GLPJBP013E Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

APAR IO08663 (CMVC 100690)
Error GLPSCH028E after migration to TDS 6.0 or 6.1

APAR IO08664 (CMVC 100747)
idsideploy accepts an illegal option -s with a junk value

APAR IO08665 (CMVC 100760)
AE IO08075 FIX COMPLETION: idsicrt command failing on Windows

APAR IO08666 (CMVC 99504 99519 100851 100853 100855)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08017 (CMVC 100454)
idsxinst/idsxcfg gui tools may hang on win 2003 x64

APAR IO08075 (CMVC 100574 100666)
idscfgdb assumes itds instance is located in home directory of
instance owner

APAR IO08230 (CMVC 100503)
db2ldif may return cn=null as member of group

APAR IO08237 (CMVC 100548)
members of the global admin group are displayed as normal users

APAR IO08289 (CMVC 100642)
TLS search returns LDAP_SERVER_DOWN (81) if ibm-slapdAllowAnon =

APAR IO08327 (CMVC 98760)
bulkload -W option may fail without any error messages

APAR IO08328 (CMVC 99390)
webadmin cannot turn on audit option for extended ops

APAR IO08329 (CMVC 100180)
malformed password policy response not handled by webadmin

APAR IO08344 (CMVC 100241)
Disable idsxinst configuration for downlevel instance

APAR IO08348 (CMVC 100318)
NR IO08080 FIX COMPLETION: Simplified webadmin login URL

APAR IO08349 (CMVC 100374)
GLPCTL048W or GLPCTL036E configuring changelog with DB2 V9

APAR IO08350 (CMVC 100398)
Java "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" from idsxcfg "Import LDIF"

APAR IO08351 (CMVC 100425)
Messages printed from ldapdiff do not include message ID's

APAR IO08352 (CMVC 100460)
Replica becomes a forwarder even if the operation is canceled.

APAR IO08354 (CMVC 100471)
ldaptrace fails to change the ldtrc mask

APAR IO08355 (CMVC 100641)
infinite loop in db2ldif if "CN=NULL"

APAR IO08356 (CMVC 100263)
LDAPDiff may flag equivalent aclEntries as differences

APAR IO08357 (CMVC 100125 100320 100466 100616 100617 100619)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from (

APAR IO08182 (CMVC 100453)
Server or Admin Daemon may crash after entitlement search

APAR IO08183 (CMVC 100457)
Routine build maintenance

APARs from 6.1.0-TIV-ITDS-FP0001 ( / 4.0005)

APAR IO07658 (CMVC 99672 100295)

APAR IO07818 (CMVC 100268)
Proxy cannot bind to a backend over SSL if keyDB file is not specified

APAR IO07973 (CMVC 99345 99393 99521 99538 99539 99540 99542 99612 99627
99682 99697 99700 99701 99703 99707 99719 99828 99829
99830 99847 99866 99886 99931 100111 100136 100138
100139 100189 100190 100349 100353)
Routine build maintenance

APAR IO07985 (CMVC 99541 100123)
idsrun script file not getting copied to existing instances
while executing idsinstall script

APAR IO07991 (CMVC 100210)
LDAP server hangs on Solaris under sustained heavy load

APAR IO07992 (CMVC 99992)
Server should print the vrmf number in the startup message

APAR IO07993 (CMVC 100218)
Erroneous \n character in log file

APAR IO07995 (CMVC 100224)
Install fails on Linux machine type x86_64

APAR IO07996 (CMVC 100223)
Path to idsilist is wrong

APAR IO08001 (CMVC 100042 100255)
Rename ITLM files to be platform independent and change their location

APAR IO08005 (CMVC 100148)
Number of entries sent for paged results pageSize is incorrect

APAR IO08081 (CMVC 100417 100431)
ibmslapd may crash during cache cleanup under severe load

APAR IO08082 (CMVC 100052)
Search displays DB2 tablenames truncated upto 16 characters.

APAR IO08102 (CMVC 100265 100399 100422)
"rc=-1 Unknown error" starting slapd w/ ibmdirctl on SuSE 10

APAR IO08108 (CMVC 99787 100162 100192)
Resume role exop not working with JNDI toolkit

APAR IO08126 (CMVC 99216 99957 100103 100222)
Enable maintenance (update) installation of TDS 6.1 packages

APAR IO08151 (CMVC 100317)
WebAdmin indicates that Proxy Server is not entitled for support

APAR IO08161 (CMVC 100360)
Incorrect variable name in idsdbmigr.cmd

APARs from (

APAR IO07429 (CMVC 99778 100059)

APAR IO07640 (CMVC 99984)
ldapsearch will return invalid credential even with the correct
password when using SSHA

APAR IO07699 (CMVC 100013)
TDS 6.1 client fails to resolve localhost if IPV6 is enabled

APAR IO07773 (CMVC 100120)

APAR IO07979 (CMVC 99955)
IDIR variable's value has an extra space in the path

APAR IO08002 (CMVC 99086 99088 100026)
Add BOS locate checks to Linix install.

APAR IO08077 (CMVC 99967)
Security defect in IDSWebApp WnDebugServlet

APAR IO08079 (CMVC 100100)
Updates to password history table in DB2 can cause DB2 deadlock
when many simultaneous password changes are made.

APAR IO08080 (CMVC 99679.02)
Enable simplified login URL for TDS webadmin

APAR IO08103 (CMVC 100050)
memory leak in ldap_explode_rdn() C API call

APAR IO08124 (CMVC 97442)
idsldaptrace succeeds even if requested logfile cannot be opened

APAR IO08134 (CMVC 99953)
JNDI clients do not warn of password time left.

APAR IO08147 (CMVC 100053)
The whitepages application evaluation copy message does appears
even though entitlement file exists.

APAR IO08148 (CMVC 99741)
WebAdmin cannot add an auxiliary objectclass to an existing

APAR IO08150 (CMVC 100117)
View Proxy Server Status panel provides incorrect statistics

APAR IO08160 (CMVC 100154)
Ordinals are incorrect for 32bit library in Windows x64 package

APAR IO08171 (CMVC 100034)
Windows 64-bit installs must also update the 32-bit registry

APARs from (

APAR IO07578 (CMVC 99905)
Searches may return "Operations Error" and message
GLPRDB001E Error code -2 from function:" SQLFetch " in log

APAR IO07980 (CMVC 99083 99940)
The modified snmp files will be over-written by the new IDS installation.

APAR IO08106 (CMVC 99896 99899)
Install license file for DB2 v8.x if present

APARs from (

APAR IO07371 (CMVC 99666)

APAR IO07419 (CMVC 99749)

APAR IO08109 (CMVC 99515 99786)
SSL does not work on Solaris Opteron when GSKit is installed

APAR IO08125 (CMVC 99027)
Input field for encryption seed is too short

APAR IO08127 (CMVC 99378)
TDI operation fails while loading existing AD sync configuration

APAR IO08141 (CMVC 99710)
Adding a replication context using WebAdmin results in an error
if the DN contains spaces.

APAR IO08142 (CMVC 99730)
Filter row is not needed for Expand and RDN column on Manage
Entries panel.

APAR IO08143 (CMVC 99731)
WebAdmin was sorting in a reverse order to that specified in the
Manage Entries panel.

APAR IO08146 (CMVC 99724)
idssethost crashes when IP address is used with "all" as

APAR IO08149 (CMVC 99752)
Enable Clear log facility for local OS user on i5/OS.

APAR IO08153 (CMVC 99575)
Update Comment in Silent Install

APAR IO08154 (CMVC 99824)
Coreq GSkit In AIX 32 bit / 64 bit Maxcrypto client

APAR IO08155 (CMVC 99840)
[AIX only] Samples will not complile without xlC Version 8

APAR IO08156 (CMVC 99543)
install - need install_tds.bat to remove ismptemp.tds dir

APAR IO08163 (CMVC 99781)
Unnecessary memory allocation in the C-Client library

APARs from (

APAR IO07431 (CMVC 99533)

APAR IO08068 (CMVC 99267 99513)
ibm-allGroups incorrect if memberURL uses integer attributes

APAR IO08069 (CMVC 99622)
ibmslapd or ibmdiradm will not start

APAR IO08070 (CMVC 99632)
Possible slow replication when replication table is large

APAR IO08071 (CMVC 93395)
Event processing can send event messages to closed connections

APAR IO08072 (CMVC 99683)
web admin tries to overwrite SSLTLS value

APAR IO08083 (CMVC 99444)
TDS webadmin user template attribute order not retained

APAR IO08084 (CMVC 99602)

APAR IO08086 (CMVC 99443)
[AIX only] Add handlers for SIGDANGER and SIGUSR1

APAR IO08104 (CMVC 99454 99469)
Correct grammatical errors in JDNI toolkit java docs

APAR IO08107 (CMVC 99657)
LDAP client cores during open_connection call to getaddrinfo

APAR IO08110 (CMVC 99644)
Remove /GS compiler directive Windows build

APAR IO08111 (CMVC 99359)
pwdMustChange message is displayed 3 times by client

APAR IO08128 (CMVC 99466)
Remove dependency on ldap_ph.dll for static clients on Windows

APAR IO08129 (CMVC 99472)
idsxcfg won't delete cn=ibmpolicies suffix from proxy server

APAR IO08130 (CMVC 99490)
Remove "MODIFICATION HISTORY:" from idslogmgmt script

APAR IO08133 (CMVC 99360)
TDS WebAdmin not able to launch View logs panel when used to
view i5/OS directory server logs.

APAR IO08135 (CMVC 99361)
Manage Credentials panel may fail to open on a replica server

APAR IO08136 (CMVC 99636)
idsicrt wrapper permission is wrong, denying execution

APAR IO08137 (CMVC 99643)
User login dialog box distorts if the server name is too long

APAR IO08138 (CMVC 99646)
[HP-UX only] Manage topology panel does not open when Web Admin
is deployed on a HP machine.

APAR IO08139 (CMVC 99647)
Web admin hangs if invalid suffixes are being added.

APAR IO08140 (CMVC 99648)
WebAdmin crashes if a new directory user attempt to login

APAR IO08157 (CMVC 99673)
SchemaV6.1/ibmslapd.conf for HP has a absolute path for V3.*

APAR IO08162 (CMVC 99655)
One of the pthread macros has a typographical error

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