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Testing MSAS data source in DQM gives errors XQE-CM-0008 and CM-REQ-4342



Despite correctly configuring an MSAS data source in Cognos Administration, a test of the data source fails in DQM when configured to authenticate against an external namespace.


Compatible mode returns Succeeded, but Dynamic gives the error:

XQE-CM-0008 Unable to retrieve credentials for namespace "CAMID ("xxx")": CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.


As per the IBM Cognos documentation, you are not able to test a data source which is configured to use an external namespace for authentication.

Resolving The Problem

In order to test the data source, create and run a simple query which accesses the data source.

Alternatively, you can configure the data source to authenticate against service credentials rather than an external namespace.

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15 June 2018