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Teradata returns an error stating that the user does not have access to  DBC.UDTTransform or  DBC.UDTInfo



When retrieving metadata from a Teradata database, an error is returned indicating that the user does not have sufficient permissions to access an object in the Teradata data dictionary.

Resolving The Problem

The Cognos query service supports the Teradata JDBC driver to obtain metadata and execute queries. When the query service requires metadata, it will call methods in the DatabaseMetadata interface implemented by the Teradata JDBC driver. The Teradata driver will internally issue requests against the Teradata data dictionary which requires that the user have been granted select access to those objects.

Please refer to the Teradata JDBC driver reference with respect to Data Dictionary Access by DatabaseMetaData methods for details of which grants are required by the driver.

If a user does not have sufficient grants, they may receive errors from the Teradata driver as they maintain models or run reports. For example:
- The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.UDTTransform.FromSQLRoutineId
- The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.UDTInfo.TypeName

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Modified date:
15 June 2018