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Techniques for improving Desktop performance in IBM Content Navigator

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Techniques for improving Desktop performance in IBM Content Navigator


Here are some techniques for improving Desktop performance in IBM Content Navigator:

Please apply IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3 FixPack 7 (or above versions). There are several performance fixes that will aid in improving the Desktop performance.


You can also improve the performance of your Desktop by increasing the amount of time the Desktop configuration objects can be kept in the cache.

Here is the procedure:

1) Log in to IBM Content Navigator as an Administrator.

2) Click on Settings in the left hand side navigation menu.

3) Click on the General tab.

4) Increase the number of minutes in the Cache Refresh Interval field.

5) Click Save and Close.


The default value is 10 minutes. If you do not expect having a very responsive cache, then you could choose to set it say 480 minutes (an eight-hour work day) or to 1440 minutes (one full day).


Also, by default, browser caching of the IBM Content Navigator client side JavaScript (*.jgz) files is not enabled. This can contribute to high network traffic and in turn impact Desktop performance. Enabling caching for *.jgz files should help reduce the time it takes to load a Desktop URL (e.g. desktop and view windows).

Here is the procedure:

To enable browser caching of *.jgz files, open up the IBM Content Navigator’s web.xml under the installation area:



Enable caching for *.jgz by inserting the entry in bold below:











The lifetime of cached content can be set here:






 <!--   <init-param>







   </init-param>     -->



Remove the comment tags, and set max-age to the desired value. The value 2592000 is 30 days. When these settings are commented out, the default value is 86400 or 1 day.


Post modifying the web.xml, you will have to rebuild and redeploy the IBM Content Navigator ear file to activate the changes.


Also, with *.jgz file caching enabled, it will be necessary to clear out the local browser cache after applying any new IBM Content Navigator update.

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