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Technical specifications for the PC Server 500.


Specifications for PC Server 500 Model Announced October 17, 1994
Model: US 8641-0YR
Formatted Capacity 1120 million bytes
Average Seek Time 6.9ms
Media Transfer Rate 12.07MB/s
SCSI Data Rate 20MB/s
Drive Rotational Speed 7200RPM
Average Latency 4.17ms
Sector Interleave 1:1
CD-ROM Integrated
PORTS 22 media bays - 18 equipped for high-performance hot-swap drives
8 32-bit Micro Channel slots - 6 available for expansion
NOISE LEVEL 5.5 bels (idling)
FCC Verified to comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules (Class B)
TUV/GS EN60950/IEC-950
Nordic Approval (SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO and SETI (EIF) to EN60950/IEC-950
Temperature 10.0 - 35.0 degrees C (50 - 95 degrees F) at 0 - 914m (0 - 3000 ft.)
10.0 - 32.0 degrees C (50 - 90 degrees F) at 914 - 2134m (3000 - 7000 ft.)
Relative Humidity 8 - 80%
Maximum Altitude 2133m (7000 ft.)
Width 353mm (13.9 in.)
Depth 755mm (29.7 in.)
Height 622mm (24.5 in.)
Weight 31.29kg (69 lb.) Minimum Ship Config.
HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Requires an analog display (6325, 6324, 9524, 9525, or equivalent) for system setup and service
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS The following operating systems/ extensions support the PC Server 500:
OS/2 2.1 - with Service Pak XR06200
OS/2 2.11
OS/2 LAN Server 3.0 Entry and Advanced
OS/2 LAN Server 3.1 Entry and Advanced
OS/2 LAN Server 4.0 Entry and Advanced
OS/2 Extended Services for OS/2 V1.0
OS/2 Network Transport Services/2 V1.0
IBM PC DOS 6.1 and 6.x
Windows NT 3.1
Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
Windows NT Workstation 3.5
Windows NT Server 3.5
NetWare v3.1x and v4.x
Banyan VINES 5.54
SCO UNIX System 3.2v4.2 (See Note)
SCO ODT/Server 3.0 (See Note)

Note: Separate supplements, available from SCO, are required.
SECURITY, AUDITABILITY, AND CONTROL System cover and media bay lock
Tamper-evident switches
Power-on password
Privileged access password
Set keyboard password
PC Server Security Cover (optional)
Set Unattended Start Mode
Selectable boot sequence
Tie-down capability ("U" bolt)
Keyboardless and displayless operations support
System Hardware Three years
Features One year
Customer Setup Yes
Warranty Service Support Category IOR - IBM On-site Repair
PC Server 500 System Library S19H-1252, 19H1252
PC Server HMM Supplement 83G8990
PC Server Technical Reference 19H1023
PC Server 500 Diskette Package S19H-1255, 19H1255
ServerGuide S19H-1007, 19H1007
Pentium 90MHz Proc. Card 06H3739
System Board 92F2623
1.12GB Disk Drive 06H3371
2.25GB Disk Drive 06H3372
SCSI-2 Controller 92F0160
SCSI-2 RAID Controller 06H3079
SVGA Adapter 71G0650
434-W Power Supply 06H3596
220-W Modular Power Supply 06H3237
Enhanced 2.88 Diskette Drive 82G1888
5.25-inch Diskette Drive 71G0658
CD-ROM Drive 06H2150
Keyboard (U.S.) 71G4646
16MB ECC Memory SIMM 96F9100
PC Server 500 (86410YR) $12,395 (B Price)
$11,805 (C Price)
$13,939 (Single Unit Price)
PC Server 500 System Library (19H1252) $60 (Level 1 Price)
$56 (Level 2 Price)
$75 (Single Unit Price)
PC Server HMM Supplement (83G8990) $24 (Level 1 Price)
$23 (Level 2 Price)
$30 (Single Unit Price)
PC Server 500 Technical Reference (19H1023) $24 (Level 1 Price)
$23 (Level 2 Price)
$30 (Single Unit Price)
National Education Price (NEP) (86410YR) $12,989


The IBM PC Server 500s support a maximum of 256MB of ECC memory or 64MB parity memory. All supported system memory is addressable through direct memory access (DMA). Maximum system memory can be achieved in all models by using 32MB ECC SIMMs. The IBM PC Server 500s support 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, and 32MB ECC memory SIMMs (70ns). All memory SIMMs must be installed in matched pairs.

High-performance BIOS uses 128KB of system memory and an additional 256KB is reserved for installing options that may require additional memory for BIOS shadowing.

Addtional specifications:
The PC Server 500 and Server 95 systems use the same base planar which includes the Real Time Clock. Its accuracy is +/- 3.9 second/day (or +/- 23.7 minute/year).

The PC Server 500 and Server 95 systems use the same base planar which includes the Real Time Clock. Its accuracy is +/- 3.9 second/day (or +/- 23.7 minute/year).

The speed of the 95/95A and PC Server 500 L2 cache is determined by the processor complex. The Processor Complex used on these machines does not use stand alone SRAMs. It uses Intel C5C'/C8C' cache chip set. It is a modification of the chip set used for our Pentium based Mod 95, to run at 3.3V with a P54 CPU. The C8C' chip is a data chip, that has the sram, as well as quite a bit of data buffers and some logic.

Because it does not used standalone SRAMs you cannot quote a typical RAM speed (such as the PC Server 300 which uses 15ns SRAMs). You should quote a cache hit speed which is much more representative of the actual performance you get. So, the L2 Cache size on a 95 or 500 is 256KB - write-back policy, 0 - 1 wait state. Cache is matched to processor speed i.e. 60MHz with the Pentium 90/60, and given a 90% cache hit speed is 33.3ns and 0 wait state.

If this machine did use standard SRAMs, an access speed of around 10ns would be required to run in 0 wait states. 25ns access sram is used for machines based upon Intel 486's running at 33MHz external frequency, such as a 486DX-33 or a 486DX2-66.

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