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Sync up Dataset document count after the updated package is applied



To delete documents from a dataset with csv importers, following operation is executed.
1. Remove uploaded csv files by clicking "Remove" button for a CSV file on a CSV importer setting page
2. Start import
With the initial image of, even if a CSV file is removed with the these steps, the document count is not changed on UI.
Updated image of has solved this issue. The document count will decrease by the number of records in removed csv files.
However, if uploaded csv files are removed and starting csv importer again is done in initial image of, after migrated to updated, the document counts of the dataset is not changed even if full import of csv importer is done.


The behavior itself is working as designed.
The most recommended step is to re-create a dataset with the same csv files.
If the customer wants to use the migrated dataset, what we need to do is to pass the information of csv files to the system to distinguish what documents should be deleted from a dataset.

Resolving The Problem

  1. Add a temporary csv file to the importer, whose filename is the same as the original csv file, and then start import.
  2. Remove the temporary csv file by clicking "Remove" button for a CSV file on a CSV importer setting page.
  3. Start import.
  4. After importing has completed, document count of the dataset will decrease by the number of records in original csv file and temporary csv file.

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29 November 2019