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Support for SAP customers running Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows



A description of joint customer support for SAP customers running IBM Db2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.


All SAP customers are asked to report Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows problems and incidents on the SAP Support Portal at (password required)
Always report Db2-related problems through a SAP customer case on component BC-DB-DB6, regardless of whether you have purchased your Db2 license from SAP or IBM.
SAP applications are tightly integrated with Db2. For efficient problem resolution it is important that the analysis is performed by engineers who have in-depth knowledge of Db2 and the SAP integration because it
is often difficult to determine whether a particular problem is caused by Db2 or by the SAP integration.
SAP's Active Global Support Organization and the Db2 Customer Support Organization have hence agreed to provide seamless integration for customer message handling and problem resolution through SAP case management platform.

Although it is at the discretion of IBM customers to request help from Db2 Customer Support directly, due to above advantages, it is strongly suggested that customers use the joint integrated support structure provided through SAP's Service Marketplace.

Db2 Download
Db2 software image download should be performed from the SAP marketplace for all customers using Db2 with SAP.

Db2 End of Service

Customers with SAP systems running on Db2 versions with license entitlement from IBM who contact SAP’s Active Global Support will also receive extended support according to SAP Note 1168456. You can open this SAP note via below link (SAP authentication required)

This continued support of Db2 versions which have passed published IBM end-of-service dates can be accomplished by using SAP Support as first and primary point of contact, using SAP provided Db2 media, certified by SAP, and by restricting submitted cases to the scope defined by SAP for use defined for SAP Applications.

Customers with SAP systems running on DB2 versions with license entitlement from IBM who wish to contact Db2 Customer Support directly need to observe the IBM end-of-service dates specified in IBM Technote 1168270. After the IBM end of (base) support dates, customers who chose not to use SAP Support as primary interface must obtain a Db2 Service Extension from their IBM representative.

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