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Support Policy for Windows Terminal Services and ClearCase

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This technote outlines the support policy for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearCase LT usage through the Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (WTS) interface.


The support described in this document does not include installing ClearCase through a terminal service session. ClearCase needs to be installed locally on the host. Review the related information for known issues and other problems related to the administration of ClearCase through a WTS session.

ClearCase and ClearCase LT support for Windows Terminal Services is explicitly supported on Windows 2000 and beyond. Although Windows Terminal Services was available with Windows NT, ClearCase does not support that version of Terminal Services. All of the references made to Terminal Services in this solution explicitly refer to the Windows 2000 and later.

Accessing the ClearCase LT server through Terminal Services with node locked licenses is not supported, see technote 1197059 for more details.

Prior to 2002.05.00

Prior to version 2002.05.00, ClearCase has not been tested on WTS platforms and are not supported in any capacity.

2002.05.00 (no MVFS)

As stated in the 2002.05.00 Release Notes under the header Support for Microsoft Windows Terminal Server:

With this release, ClearCase supports snapshot views with the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Microsoft's "thin client" server-based technology. Dynamic views, enabled by the MVFS, are not supported with the Windows Terminal Server.

Note that ClearCase must be installed on the server after Windows Terminal Server has been installed. If ClearCase was installed previously on the server, you must remove ClearCase, install Windows Terminal Server, and then reinstall ClearCase.

This means that VOB and views (snapshot and dynamic) can be stored on a WTS server and can be accessed normally as if they were stored on any other Windows-based server; however, dynamic views cannot be started or VOB mounted from the WTS host.

Note: The 2002.05.00 ClearCase install will prevent the installation of the MVFS if it detects the Terminal Server service is running in "Application mode".

The 2002.05.00 ClearCase install will allow the installation of the MVFS if it detects Terminal Server is running in "Remote Admin mode"; however, this does not negate the fact that the use of MVFS on a WTS server is not supported in 2002.05.00.

2003.06.00 and later (MVFS)

As stated in the 2003.06.00 Release Notes under the header Miscellaneous Enhancements:

WTS support of dynamic views. Dynamic views are now supported on Windows

2000 Terminal Servers.

This means that dynamic views can be started as well as VOB mounted from the WTS host.

Please review the related information below for known issues with WTS and ClearCase.

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