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Support for 256-bit cipher suites in Cognos Configuration

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How do you add 256-bit cipher suites in Cognos configuration?


By default 256-bit cipher suites are not listed in Cognos Configuration within the list of supported cipher suites.


The following steps work if you are using an IBM Java version. If you are using a different vendor then you will need to reach out to that vendor and get the unlimited jurisdiction policy files (Step 3).

To add 256-bit supported cipher suites to Cognos configuration perform the following:

1. Go to the following link:

2. Download the unlimited jurisdiction policy files. See the following section in the above link:
The unlimited jurisdiction policy files are in the SDK /demo/jce/policy-files/unrestricted/ directory. You can also download them from the website

3. Copy the unlimited jurisdiction policy files to the jre/lib/security/ directory of the JRE (exanmple <cognos_install>\bin64\jre\7.0\lib\security). Make a backup of the current files as a precaution.

4. Open Cognos configuration -> Cryptography -> Cognos.
Select "supported cipher suites". The 256-bit cipher suites are now available to add to the supported list.

5. Restart Cognos

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02 December 2022