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How do submit Request For Enhancement (RFE)  with IBM Product Development Teams.





A DeveloperWorks ID is required for anyone using RFE. Note if you already have an IBM external or client ID, this is the same ID you would use for DeveloperWorks.

In the browser, paste the following URL and hit enter:


to get to:



At the top of the page, hover over the red circled figure. 



for IBM Developer following choices are displayed:


IBM Deveeloper

  Sign In



If the user doesn't have an ID, click on "Register" .  Fill out the form that is displayed and then click on "Next" and follow instructions to get an IBM ID created.

If user already has an ID, click on "Sign In"  to login.

Once logged in, follow the steps below to access the form to submit the RFE.   

   Select the country and click  "Continue"                              



Select a Display name and click "Continue"




At the IBM RFE Community page,


enter the Brand and Product:


Select the brand "Servers and Systems Software" from the drop down list and select "IBM AIX" for product:



click on redirect arrow:


The "Servers and System Software RFE Community page is displayed:

Click on "Submit" tab circled in Red below :



 That should direct user to the Request form for submitting an idea




Before submitting the request, click on "View requests that have already been submitted" to check for existing ideas. 

Once the submitted RFE request is reviewed, submitter of the request will be contacted by an IBM representative using the information provided in the RFE community.

For any questions about the Submit Request page, click on "Give us your feedback" circled in Red below at the top left side of the page:




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14 December 2018