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Steps to SLIP Install the Licensed Internal Code



This document provides the steps to perform a SLIP installation of the License Internal Code from tape or CD.

Resolving The Problem

This document provides the steps to perform a SLIP installation of the License Internal Code from tape, DVD, or image catalog. Setup of the HMC or other configuration issues will not be covered. This document will cover the basic steps to select an alternate installation device and the steps to perform the SLIP installation. It's typical to take between 30-60 minutes to do this step. If it takes longer, please contact your service provider to review.


1.If installing from tape, you should ensure that you have your save tape with license Internal code loaded into the tape drive. To verify the tape has Licensed Internal Code on it (which is saved with the SAVSYS command), do a DSPTAP DEV(TAPXX) DATA(*LABELS). If Licensed Internal Code is saved to tape, the first label will be QFILEIML.
2.If installing from DVD, you should ensure that your I_BASE_01 DVD is loaded into the correct optical drive.

If installing from image catalog, you must have at least the "I_BASE_01" and the "B_GROUPx_01" loaded into the image catalog. This is due to the fact that the system will attempt to verify the image catalog on the power down command. If the OS image is not loaded into the image catalog, the verify will fail and prevent the PWRDWNSYS from completing successfully.

When performing a manual installation of Licensed Internal Code (LIC) from an image catalog, you will not get any of the option screens to install the Licensed Internal Code. The system will automatically install Licensed Internal Code from the image catalog and then IPL up to the IPL or install the system menu. During the installation, srcC6xx41DC and srcC6xx41CC codes can be seen for the decompression and installation of Licensed Internal Code.

o C6xx41DC is a status reference code that indicates the progress of the Licensed Internal Code decompression. The xx indicates the percent that is decompressed. No action is required.

o C6xx41CC is a status reference code that indicates the progress of the Licensed Internal Code installation. The xx indicates the percent of the Licensed Internal Code that is installed.

A manual installation of Licensed Internal Code is generally performed for a Licensed Internal Code modification level upgrade and also a Licensed Internal Code resave upgrade.

Note: The SRC codes may also not be displayed on the RCP or ACS control panel using this option as well.

If you are using an alternate installation device (cannot IPL directly from media), you should make sure you have your I_Base_01 disc loaded as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Set your system to 'D' Manual mode either from the front panel (stand-alone system) or from the HMC. If you do not set this to manual mode and are using an image catalog, the system will automatically slip install both the LIC and the OS, which in some cases may be problematic.

Once it is set in manual mode, perform an IPL by entering one of the two following commands to power the system down and IPL off of the proper source:



If the alternate device has already been configured or you are using an image catalog to SLIP, the LIC will automatically install. Once it is complete, you will select Option 1 "Perform an IPL" from IPL or Install the System menu.

Otherwise, you will need to select an alternate IPL device, following the steps below:

1. If the language feature below is correct, press Enter:

Select language

2. Press Enter to confirm your language feature:

Confirm Language Group

3. If you are using an alternate installation device, select Option 3 to Define alternate Installation device and press Enter. Otherwise, go to Step 9:

Install Licensed Internal Code menu

4. On this screen, select the bus that has your tape drive attached and press Enter. If you are not sure, you will need to look on each one to find the appropriate tape device. If you have access to your system prior to the SLIP installation, you can determine which bus the tape drive is on and the serial number of the drive by running the following command: DSPHDWRSC TYPE(*STG) OUTPUT(*PRINT)

Select Alternate Installation Device Bus

5. Select Tape or Optical as your alternate installation device:

Select Media Type

6. Select your device, and press Enter. The type, model, and serial number are displayed:

Select Alternate Installation Device

7. Notice that your device is selected. Press F3 to Exit. The alternate installation device is selected:

Alternate Installation Device Selected

8. If you selected to install from an alternate installation device, you will see this confirmation screen. Press Enter to continue if it is correct:

Confirm Alternate Installation Device

9. Select Option 1 to Install License Internal Code:

Install Licensed Internal Code

10. Select Option 1 to Restore Licensed Internal Code. Select no other option:

Install Licensed Internal Code (LIC)

11. The status bar will be displayed as follows:

Install Licensed Internal Code - Status

12. The status bar will show the percent complete:

Install Licensed Internal Code - Elapsed time

13. After the Licensed Internal Code has reached 100%, the system will automatically perform an IPL on the A side, and you will be taken to the IPL or Install the Operating System screen. At this point, the License Internal Code has been SLIP installed, and you can choose one of these options:

IPL or Install the System

Note: If you will continue to slip the Operating System, refer to Tech Doc N1012771, Steps to SLIP Install the Operating System.

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