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Stand-alone profile creation and nonworking JAX-WS API query calls
in the IBM Business Process Manager Advanced runtime server



Stand-alone profile creation for the IBM Process Center or IBM Process Server can lead to nonworking JAX-WS application programming interface (API) query calls in the runtime server.


An exception occurs when query and queryAll calls are made to the JAX-WS API of the runtime server. An FFDC entry is created on the server side, which indicates the exception.


Execution of the performance tuning script, which is located in the <install-root>/scriptLibraries/ perfTuning/V70/ directory, implies a JAXB performance setting that, at run time, leads to a failure in JAXB marshalling. As a consequence, the execution of query and queryAll calls to the JAX-WS API fails.

During profile creation, the script is executed if you use the -applyPerfTuningSetting development parameter for the manageprofiles command or if you selected any of the following choices in the Profile Management tool:

  • On the Environment selection page, the IBM BPM Advanced Process, Center stand-alone profile or the IBM BPM Advanced, Process Server stand-alone profile is selected, as in the following illustration:

  • On the Profile Creation Options page, the Advanced profile creation option is selected, as in the following illustration:

  • On the Profile Name and Location page, the Development or the Peak option is selected.


This information is relevant for the IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Process Center stand-alone profile and the IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Process Server stand-alone profile.

Diagnosing The Problem

On the client side, when this problem exists, execution of query and queryAll JAX-WS calls always returns a NullPointerException indication. The result of this action is custom-client specific, but the query call does not return a list of items.

On the server side, check for an FFDC entry that contains an exception description similar to the following text:

[5/4/11 20:16:30:515 CDT]     FFDC xception http.HTTPTransportSender.invoke ProbeId:388 http.HTTPTransportSender@310f310f tion: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at org.apache.axis2.datasource.jaxb. JAXBDSContext$ java:484)
  &n bsp; at cessController.doPrivileged(Acces
&nb sp;   at org.apache.axis2.datasource.jaxb. JAXBDSContext.marshalByElement(JA
&n bsp;   at org.apache.axis2.datasource.jaxb. JAXBDSContext.marshal(JAXBDSContext. java:414)

Resolving The Problem

To resolve the problem, complete one of the following actions:

  • Use the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console to remove the JAXB optimization setting. Follow these steps for each of your defined servers:

    1. Navigate to the Application server page and select the appropriate server:

    2. After opening the Administration servers page for the intended server, select Process definition under Java and Process Management:

    3. On the Process definition page, select Java Virtual Machine under Additional Properties:

    4. On the Java Virtual Machine page, locate the field for Generic JVM arguments:

    5. In the Generic JVM arguments field, delete the setting.

    6. Click OK and Save.

    7. Restart the server.
  • Download and install IBM Business Process Manager Version 7.5.0 Fix Pack 1. The issue is resolved in Fix Pack 1.

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15 June 2018