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SQL Editor for the ClearQuest web client

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How do you use the SQL editor for the IBM Rational ClearQuest web client?


The ClearQuest web client supports editing the SQL of ClearQuest queries directly with the SQL Editor feature. The query editor consists of the Display and Filter Editor (for editing a ClearQuest query) and the SQL Editor (for editing the SQL representation of the query). You can edit a query in only one of the editors at the same time.

Using the query editor

NOTE: To use the SQL editor, you must be granted the SQL Editor privilege.

Right-click the query name in the Navigator or click the edit button in the query result set. The Display and Filter Editor shows the ClearQuest query and the SQL Editor displays the corresponding SQL sentence. (You can open and close the two editors by clicking in the title bar.)

To edit the SQL of the ClearQuest query, click the edit button in the SQL Editor. When you use the SQL editor, the Display and Filter Editor is disabled, but you can click the field nodes in Fields and Filters pane.

After editing the SQL, you can revert to the ClearQuest query by clicking the revert button in SQL Editor.

Limitations and issues

A limitation of this feature is that it does not include a SQL syntax checker. Also note the following issues:
  • During an SQL edit session, the Display and Filter Editor is not collapsed.
    Work-around: Click in the title bar.
  • Cannot convert SQL to the ClearQuest query after clicking the SQL Editor edit button. Cannot convert back to SQL query after clicking the SQL Editor revert button.
    Work-around: Click the Cancel button on the right-top of query editor.

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08 August 2018