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SPSS Statistics 25.0 GA Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for SPSS Statistics 25 GA. Details of the fixes are listed below. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


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SPSS Statistics 25.0 GA

Back End
PI62883CTABLES syntax crashes the processor
PI63465MIXED: Getting insufficient memory warning for Repeated Covariance Types Unstructured (UN) and Unstructured Correlation
PI67850SPSS Statistics makes different models -- HCA
PI76593GENLIN results differ from versions older than 22 and 22+.
PI78407Different results on Coefficients table for Linear Regression on 32 bit versus 64 bit for 24 FP1 on the same 64 bit computer
CS Framework
PI58511'Connect with Secure Socket Layer' not enabled, though certificate exists at default location
Custom Tables
PI65777SPSS 24 crashes for CTABLES when Compare column means and Identify Significant Differences - In the main table is selected
Data Editor
PI58101Data Editor is double entering values sporadically on Windows 7
PI60222Data Editor: Entering data is always doubled in Release 24 when the 'Display Value Labels' option is turned on
PI60955Paste variables on Variable View not working for variable names with underscore
PI73467Restricted Numeric variable type is broken 24 FP1, leading zeros are removed
Data Preparation
PI61093Aggregate with 2 long string break vars may confuse nesting of break vars
PI63890Date format yyyy/mm/dd not recognized on preview of Date and Time Wizard, Step1, extract part of a date variable
PI66633Cannot switch between Mark file read only and Mark File Read/Write on the same session, file has to be re-opened first
PI69111'Write the value (not the label) to the syntax' option not working on Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions
PI59806Spatial Association case study and syntax reference Guide have unexpected results
PI71032Syntax Diagrams on online help or Syntax Reference PDF do not show bold text although we refer to defaults displayed in bold
PI75379Documentation regarding Java requirements for silent installation of SPSS Statistics 24 on Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra is unclear
Excel DAC
PI61788Unable to import an XLSX file into Statistics 24 (and 23 FP3), error 2063 (Error reading information for sheet)
PI77963Excel XLSX import fails in 24 FP1 with error (2063) when some columns have formulas in the Excel file
Front End
PI56828Menus become unusable in maximized Data Editor on Linux
PI37933AMOS Graphics: Diagram > Draw Path menu has incorrect Japanese translation
PI39917AMOS appears not to see three variables in Excel file, produces inconsistent errors
PI49257AMOS hangs for Bayesian SEM model when a grouping variable is used, program not responding
PI53112AMOS 23 does not recognise the use of tilde character to separate servers in DaemonHost field of spssprod.inf
PI69411Chart Editor for GRAPH command output does not apply line weights in Line Chart
PI69984On Paneled Scatterplots the Regression fit line label is the same for all sections of the chart, but should be different
PI72735No Reference line tab on properties dialog for y-axis variable reference line on some simple bar charts
PI72779Wrong mean value displayed for y-axis reference line on simple bar chart, Maximum value displayed instead of Mean
PI82620Please remove text for OLE import and Data Collection Survey Reporter Developer Kit from help text
PI62302AMOS Installer builds a weird spssprod.inf
PI73232Push install fails to install AMOS 24 Plugins for all users.
PI29945Network Licensing does not parse IPv6 address
PM91405'rlftool' command line tool is non-existent in 64-bit Linux LM --> Available tools don't match 32-bit versus 64-bit
PI50591Unplugged client using Commuter license token fails with Can't find LM server: Hostname
PI62418There are no lswhere.exe, lsmon.exe and lslic.exe file after Statistics client 24 installed on Windows and Linux64
Model Viewer
PI61672On all comma based locales Model Viewer displays wrong significance level for all NPTESTS
PI64686Pairwise comparison test table for Friedman Related Samples Test unreadable on Model Viewer with more variables used
PI53107Third party: Oracle 12c padding derived fields with non printing characters. (DataDirect case 00330915)
PI68524Customer updates to Statistics 23.0 FP3 and ODBC to Oracle 12c fails
PI81980Bulk insert fails after FP2 .
PI64972SPATIAL TEMPORAL PREDICTION warning about autoregressive lag and too many locations for Variogram Based Parametric model
PI68241Probabilties differ between Binary Logistic Regression and Propensity Score Matching on the last 2 or 3 digits
Output Component
PI72020Warning message from Statistics backend is not translated correctly in Japanese.
Output Viewer
PI56608SPLIT file LAYERED for a string variable with Slovak characters on Slovak locale: REGRESSION output tables are incorrect
PI59170COLUMNWIDTH keyword does not take effect, and suppresses other keywords
PES Adaptor
PI66113Stats Fails to Connect to C&DS When SSL Enabled
PI61112Extension bundle not installed to defined menu location
PI73899Unable to run Equation Systems STATS EQNSYSTEM bundle, error about missing R packages
Syntax Editor
PI62262Undocumented behavior in Syntax Editor for /VARLIST on VARIABLE LEVEL command
PI81133Pipe | sign gone on reopened syntax when locate is Hebrew, syntax saved in unicode and locale mode
PI81276Very slow to open large syntax files with Hebrew and option "Optimize for right to left languages" is enabled
Text Wizard
PI68084Text Import Wizard is a stickler for detail re: dates
PI69893Import Data wizard does not use the predefined text template files (*.tpf) from prior versions
Third Party
PI47268Mac OS: Double-click on .sav .spv or .sps file --> If Statistics is already open get error that SPSSStatistics can't be opened

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09 February 2018

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