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Spectra Logic Spectra Stack Library Configuration Information for IBM Spectrum Protect Server

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Configuration information for Spectra Logic Spectra Stack Library


Spectra Logic Spectra Stack 
Drive Addresses
Storage Slot Addresses
Changer Address
Entry/Exit Slot Address
1-6 HH

  • Library capacity
    • 6 Half-Height(HH) or 3 Full-Height(FH) drives per module
    • 42 HH or 21 FH drives per full stack
    • 80 slots per module, 560 slots per full stack
    • 10 mail slots per module, 70 per full stack
  • Barcodes are required.
  • Eight character barcodes are required. The last 2 characters must be the media identifier "L#" where # is the tape cartridge generation. For example, ABC456L8 for an LTO-8 cartridge. Without a proper barcode label, a volume will appear as "unknown media".
  • ELEMent=AUTODetect in the DEFINE/UPDATE DRIVE command is supported.
  • Spectra Stack library is available with the following drives:
  • Mixed generation LTO (drive & media) is supported.
  • Spectra iSCSI SWARM Bridge is supported on Linux & Windows with the following limitations.
  • Device identifications and firmware levels used during validation
    • (Validated with IBM Spectrum Protect
      • Library ID: SPECTRA PYTHON --- Firmware: 1.93
      • Drive ID: IBM ULTRUIM-HH8 --- HH FC Firmware: JAYF
      • Drive ID: IBM ULTRUIM-HH7--- HH SAS Firmware: JAYF
  • The IBM device driver is required for IBM Ultrium drives. IBM device drivers are available at IBM Fix Central. Choose the following options from the drop-down menus.
    • Product Group -> System Storage
    • System Storage -> Tape systems
    • Tape systems -> Tape drivers and software
    • Tape drivers and software -> Tape device drivers
    • Platform -> Select the platform for the device driver

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20 March 2023