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Specifying the profile path in the BPMConfig properties file for IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

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How do you specify the profile path in the configuration properties file for IBM Business Process Manager so you can use it with the BPMConfig command?


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You can use the following property names:

  • For a Deployment Manager profile: bpm.dmgr.profilePath
  • For a Custom profile:

For example:
bpm.dmgr.profilePath=/usr/IBM/bpm85/profiles/DmgrProfile\\Program Files\\WebSphere\\profiles\\MyCustomProfile1

For Microsoft Windows, you can use double backslashes or forward slashes. For example: Files/WebSphere/profiles/MyCustomProfile1

Note: If you are creating the profile makes sure a profilePath value does not exist. The parent directory of the profile path should exist and the user should have write privileges to create a new directory.

For example, if you want to create a profile under the /usr/BPM850profiles/myProfile directory. Create the /usr/BPM850profiles directory, but do not create the /usr/BPM850profiles/myProfile directory.

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