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Some of the servers on this cluster are in Admin mode and some are not



This document provides useful information for using Admin Mode on a clustered environment


If you are working with a clustered environment in Maximo you may encounter the below error trying to turn on the Admin Mode from Maximo, in Database Configuration application. 

BMXAA3994W - Some of the servers on this cluster are in Admin mode and some are not. Wait several minutes until all instances are in the same mode and then try again.


When you set Admin Mode on, the crontask manager is told to not start any cron tasks, then determines if any cron tasks are already running and waits for them to complete. Some cron tasks, such as PMWoGenCrontask, ReorderCrontask, or IFACETABLECONSUMER, can run for a long time it they are processing a large amount of data. It is not possible to predict how long you must wait for the cron tasks to complete.

Resolving The Problem

You should check about this :

1- run the following queries on a SQL Tool against your Maximo database.

SELECT * FROM MAXSESSIONS ; (make sure there are not Active sessions in other clusters except by yours, if you are maxadmin connecting to a specific cluster server)

2- Make sure that in the MAXSESSIONS table, there are not sessions from other clusters. The same results can be seen in the Users app, if you go to Select Action > Manage User Sessions option.

For best results, you should be aware of the long running cron tasks on your system and avoid starting Database Configuration operations when they are running. When you start Admin Mode, Maximo prevents your cron tasks from firing but we have to wait the running ones to end their job otherwise there will be data corruption on your database.

You can either:
a. Change schedule of your cron tasks making them to run during the dawn.
b. Run admin mode when your crontask work is not heavy.
c You can do the procedure above to turn admin mode on whenever its needed or
d. You can run configdb.bat with maximo server down.

Regarding the use of Admin Mode in a clustered environment we recommend the following article.
Enhancements to admin mode in clustered environments that are running WebSphere Application Server

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16 May 2022