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Some projects are not listed in 'Limit the scope' in Report Builder for Jazz Reporting Service

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Why are you missing some projects from 'Limit the scope' list in Report builder for IBM Jazz Reporting Service (JRS)?


When you are building or editing a report in JRS, you can limit the scope of the report to specific projects in the database. This list is dynamic and which reports are listed depend on a number of factors so you might not see everything you expect.
You are unable to create a report for the project areas.


Which projects are listed depend on a number of factors.
  • 'List only the projects that contain the artifact for your report' Flag
    When this flag is set the list will only contain projects that have the artifacts you specific under 'Choose an Artifact'.
    Turn this flag off and see whether the project you expect is now listed.
  • When using 'Rational Data Warehouse' as the data source:
    • When the Project Area is using 'Configuration Management' then it will NOT be in the Data Warehouse.
      In the project area, select 'Manage this Project Area' and 'Configuration Management'. You will see a message:'This project area is now enabled for configurations.' when it is enabled.
      You have to use the data source LQE or LQE with configurations to see these project areas.

    • Access Control
      The list of reports that are shown under 'Limit the Scope' when you use the Data Warehouse is affected by the 'Access Control' setting in JRS Admin for the Data Warehouse.
      Check to see whether the 'Enable project access control' flag is set in https://:/rs/endpoint and 'Rational Data Warehouse'.

      When the flag is set, you have to be a member of the project area to see the project.
    • Check that Report Builder is looking at the correct data warehouse
      Open https://<server name>:<port>/rs/endpoint and 'Rational Data Warehouse'.
      Is the 'Data source location' pointing to the correct database. For example: //localhost:50000/DWH:user=db2admin;password={password};

      Open https://<server name>:<port>/dcc/
      Is it pointing to the same place as JDBC location.
      Test the connection to confirm.

    • The user's email address is not configured.
      See the following: User cannot get report results in Jazz Reporting Service after applying Access Control to a Project Area in Configuration Lifecycle Management
    • Access control is managed by using the email address of the user. When the email address is not set the user will not see the project or project data.

  • When using LQE & LQE with configurations as the data source.
    • For LQE, the access control is set in https://:/lqe/web/admin/permissions
      For more information see Managing user access to data sources in Lifecycle Query Engine
    • The "LQE scoped by a configuration"  data source, displays all EWM project areas, and all project areas that are enabled for configuration management. It excludes project areas that are NOT enabled for configuration management.
    • "LQE" data source displays all EWM project areas (work items), and all project areas that are NOT enabled for configuration management, including GCM project areas.  For specific reporting use cases (for example, reporting on number of artifact versions), you can select the "List all projects when reporting on configurations themselves" checkbox to display the configuration-management-enabled project areas (not intended for general reporting on those project areas).
  • Database is not up to date.
     When a project area has just been added to the environment, make sure that the Data Collection Component (DCC) or LQE updates have completed without error. When errors are reported, you need in investigate and resolve them.



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25 February 2021