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Some Chinese or Vietnamese characters do not display in pdf output from Birt Reports



You may be using Chinese or Vietnamese fonts successfully in Maximo, but when pdfs are created some of these characters may be missing.
The pdfs are generated by the BIRT engine on the Maximo server.
To resolve this issue you need to add fonts to the fontsConfig_pdf.xml in the Birt Report Engine jar located in


You can change the configuration file to replace 

<font font-family="MSung-Light" catalog="Chinese"/> 


<font font-family="STSong-Light" catalog="Chinese"/> 

Or an even better fix is to change the config file so that it supports both simplified & traditional:  

<font font-family="STSong-Light" catalog="S-Chinese"/> 

<font font-family="MSung-Light" catalog="T-Chinese"/> 

You will need to replace the fontsConfig_pdf.xml in the above jar file. Rebuild the maximo ear file, restart, redeploy and clear the WAS Cache.

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10 February 2020