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SocketTimeoutException - 'Read timed out', seen during SyncNode request



Issuing a syncNode request from the node ( such as, > 8879 The sychNode.log shows: [6/20/06 8:33:03:173 GMT+01:00] 405b06ac SOAPConnector > reconnect [6/20/06 8:33:03:186 GMT+01:00] 405b06ac SOAPConnector d soap url: '' [6/20/06 8:36:03:489 GMT+01:00] 405b06ac SOAPConnector < reconnect [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=Read timed out; Read timed out] at org.apache.soap.transport.http.SOAPHTTPConnection.send(Unknown Source


There are many possible causes:

  • The URLs and host names being specified are not correct.

  • The port numbers specified are not correct.

  • Not enough time is being given to the syncnode request to allow it to finish.

  • A network problem is preventing the communication.

Similar problems can be seen for other client commands beside syncnode such as, addnode, genpluginconfig, wsadmin, and so on.

Resolving The Problem

Check the following:

  1. Determine if the host names are resolved from DNS or local hosts file.

  2. Make sure the dmgr URL ( is known to the node and the dmgr.

  3. Make sure the specified soap port (8879) is the correct soap port used by the dmgr.

  4. Make sure the node URL ( is known to the node and dmgr.

  5. Make sure there are no duplicate ports being used.

  6. If more time is needed to allow the command to complete, you can modify the property in the following file:

  7. install_root/properties/soap.client.props

    The default is 180 (3 minutes). You can change it 300 or 600.

  8. Make sure the physical switches on the machines are working properly. Make sure the FIN_ACK's are sent through the network switch.

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15 June 2018