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Slow performance when running Controller 8.x



User launches Controller. Every function seems to be surprisingly slow.


Performance problem appears to affect every aspect of Controller.


There are many potential causes for slow performance in Controller 8.x. For more examples, see the 'Related URL' section at the end of this Technote.

This technote shall deal only with the scenario, where the end user's profile has been redirected to a remote server, where there is very slow bandwidth to/from the client device.

Controller stores cache files inside several folders, such as:
For more information, see separate IBM Technote #1347422.

For example, imagine a user who is based in Australia. However, the customer has deployed Controller via Citrix, and the Citrix server is based in the United Kingdom. When the user logs onto his laptop in the morning, the network policy redirects his profile so certain information is stored inside a server in Australia.

This works OK for the user's laptop, and he does not notice the extra delay.

However, when the user logs onto the Citrix server, he is effectively running Windows in a country that is thousands of miles away from his 'profile' file server. Therefore, whenever any program (for example Controller) reads and writes to the profile (for example %APPDATA%) it is having to read/write to a server which is at the other side of the world.

This will cause delays.


This problem could potentially affect any user, but it is more likely to be seen in a situation where the customer is deploying Controller via Citrix or Terminal Services.

Resolving The Problem

Ask the I.T. department's Windows/Domain/Active Directory policy administrator to modify the Windows policies so the user's profile is not redirected (to a remote/slow server) when they logon to the device (for example the Citrix server) where they are running Controller from.

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15 June 2018