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Slow launching of Controller client - caused by antivirus scanning



User launches Controller client, using the icon in their Start Menu. Nothing seems to occur (the Controller client splash screen does not immediately appear). After a while (for example approximately 10 seconds) the Controller splash screen appears, and the user can choose their database (and continue to logon). This 10 second delay only occurs on one client device (other client devices are OK).


In one real-life example, there was a 10 second delay between clicking on the 'IBM Cognos Controller' start menu item:

    ...and the 'Select Database' screen appearing:

The above behaviour was only seen on one of the client devices.
  • On the other client devices (where the same version of Controller was installed in the same way), the time taken was approximately a second.


There are several possible causes of similar symptoms.

  • TIP: For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1367308.

This Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause is aggressive anti-virus scanning.


In one real-life customer example, the problem was seen when:

  • Controller client installed on Citrix server
  • Citrix server had McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 installed:

Diagnosing The Problem

Try double-clicking on the CCR.exe file (to launch the client), and then immediately look at Windows Task Manager:

Notice how the process 'mcshield.exe' immediately goes to 100% of 1 CPU core (which in the above example is represented by 16%, because there are 8 cores in the server, and 8 x 12 = approximately 100%).

In other words, during the period of 'pausing' (where the Controller client does not appear to be launching, before it suddenly appears) notice how your antivirus product is working at 100% (for 1 CPU core).

Resolving The Problem


Re-configure the anti-virus product (for example McAfee) to not scan the location where the Controller client is installed.

  • For example, exclude the folder: C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM Cognos Controller Local Client


In one real-life customer example, the following steps solved the problem:

1. Copy the client installation folder (for example 'C:\Program Files\IBM\C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop') to a different folder (for example the 'test' user's desktop folder)

- Optionally, you can rename it (for example to C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\IBM_Support_test)

2. Open the folder (for example C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\IBM_Support_test)
3. Open the file ccr.exe.config in NOTEPAD
4. Modify the line 'CASUrl' so that it points to the new folder (the one that you created in step 2).

5. Launch the CCR.EXE file
- For example, double-click on C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\IBM_Support_test\CCR.EXE

6. Notice how:
- there is still a delay (for example 10 seconds)
- the anti-virus product (for example mcshield.exe) is running at 100% of one CPU core

7. Afterwards, try running CCR.EXE again
- Notice how it is now quick.

[You may have to repeat steps 5 & 6 several times, before step 7 finally works quickly]]

8. Afterwards, try running CCR.EXE again from the original folder (C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM Cognos Controller Local Client)
- Notice how it is now quick from here too.

9. Test for other users.

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15 June 2018