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Simplified Operator Panel Sequence



The number of operator panel functions to cycle through the console service functions is reduced.


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For system administrators who need to install the IBM i Operating System or debug console problems on a server that is not managed by an HMC or other management interface, the steps to access the console service functions are simplified. The number of operator panel functions in the sequence is reduced. Previously, it was necessary to use operator panel function 65, followed by function 21 to cycle through the service function options. Now only operator panel function 65 is needed, which saves the time of cycling through the operator panel to perform a function 21 to get to the next function. This improvement is for all generations of Power servers that are supported by IBM i 7.5.  For more information, see Using the console service functions in IBM Documentation.

Note: For those clients who are familiar with the operator panel, carefully review the changes to the panel functions. In some cases, the streamlined functions cause different behavior than in previous releases.

For more information, see the Memo to Users.

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03 May 2022