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Shared dimensions in IBM Cognos Cube Designer Fix Pack 3

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If your project contains dimensions that are referenced by more than one cube or virtual cube, you can create a shared member cache. This means that each shared dimension is only published once regardless of the number of cubes that reference it.

Creating a shared member cache improves performance by reducing the amount of memory consumed when cubes are published.


A shared dimension can include calculated members and relative time members.

You can add a shared dimension to security views and security filters defined for a cube.

You cannot share a measure dimension.

To create a shared member cache:

1. From the Project Explorer tree, select the dimension.

2. In the Properties tab, set the Share member cache for all cubes property to true.

When you validate a shared dimension in a virtual cube, IBM Cognos Cube Designer checks whether a dimension can be shared between the source cube and virtual cube. You can check for warnings on the Issues tab.

After publishing cubes with shared dimensions, the dimension members are not automatically updated when a member cache is refreshed. This is to prevent all the cubes sharing a dimension from refreshing.

If you want to update the dimension members, you must stop all cubes to remove the dimension from the shared dimension cache. You can then publish the cubes again.

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17 June 2018