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SF99958 750 Group Security - level 11

Preventive Service Planning


SF99958: SF99958 750 Group Security


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

SF99958 750 Group Security
Release --

SF99958:  750 Group Security
PTF Group Level:  11
Last Updated:  11/29/22
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99958
Description:  This group contains Security PTFs released since
General Availability of V7R5M0.  This Security group provides an easy
way to identify the PTFs that fix security vulnerabilities.  All
security related PTFs in this group will also be included in the
HIPER PTF group.  There may be some indirect security related PTFs in
this group that are not included in the HIPER group.
There may be some Security PTFs that cannot be included in the
Security group because of other dependencies.  These PTFs are
included in other group PTFs (listed below) and should not be applied
without the entire group.  You need to evaluate whether the updated
level of the group is appropriate for your system.  If it is, obtain
the updated level (or newer) for the group PTF and apply it on your
The IBM HTTP Server for i group PTF (SF99952) Level 4
The Java group PTF (SF99955) Level 3

The DB2 for IBM i group PTF (SF99950) Level 3

- PTF SI79935 was removed from level 3 on 6/28/2022 (Superseding PTF
SI80443 was added to level 4 on 7/12/2022).
Planned Update Schedule:  Every other Tuesday.
Related PTF Group(s):  None
PTF ordering information:
Links to group member PTF special instructions:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
SI81706     11/29/22    SE78813    5770SS1  1000
SI81854     11/29/22    SE78893    5770SS1  1000
SI80776     11/29/22    SE78279    5770TS1  1000
SI81417     11/15/22    SE78658    5770DG1  1000
SI81292     11/01/22    SE78587    5733SC1  1000
MF70403     11/01/22    MA49903    5770999  1000
SI81289     10/04/22    SE78577    5770SS1  1000
SI81027     09/06/22    SE78413    5770SS1  2321
SI80588     08/09/22    SE78186    5733SC1  2321
SI80415     07/26/22    SE78143    5770SS1  2321
SI80204     07/12/22    SE78024    5733SC1  2321
SI80205     07/12/22    SE78025    5733SC1  2321
SI80443     07/12/22    SE78158    5770SS1  2321
SI79261     05/03/22    SE77527    5733SC1  2321
SI79364     05/03/22    SE77597    5770SS1  2321

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