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SF99952 750 IBM HTTP Server for i - level 4

Preventive Service Planning


SF99952: SF99952 750 IBM HTTP Server for i


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

SF99952 750 IBM HTTP Server for i
Release --

SF99952:  750 IBM HTTP Server for i
PTF Group Level:  4
Last Updated:  10/18/22
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99952
Description:  Description: IBM HTTP Server for i 7.5 PTF Group.
- IBM Navigator for i
- Web Administration GUI for IBM i, manage all your Web-related
- HTTP Server (powered by Apache 2.4)
- Net.Data
- IBM integrated Web application server
- IBM integrated Web services server
- IBM integrated Web services client for ILE
For the IBM HTTP ADMIN Server to function properly you must have the
following installed on your IBM i server:
1) SF99955 level 1 or higher applied
2) 5770JV1 option 17 (Java SE 8 64 bit)
3) 5770SS1 option 33 (Portable Application Solutions Environment)
For Integrated Application Servers (IAS/IWS) to function properly, it
is recommended that the NLS settings of the system conforms to the
values indicated in this URL -
**********ADMIN SERVER INFORMATION**********
The default URL  http://hostname:2001 or https://hostname:2010 now
opens the new IBM Navigator for i. NOTE: The new IBM Navigator for i,
leverage new function usage IDs. The old function usage IDs used in
the past to restrict users still apply to Heritage Navigator and
Access Client Solutions. Because of the number of old function usage
IDs there was no practical way to map to the new interface. If you
wish to restrict users additionally beyond their user profile
authorizations the new function usage IDs need to be applied. Details
can be found at:
The WAS Liberty Runtime used by the ADMIN Server and other Integrated
Application Servers (IAS/IWS) is version in this group. This
version of the Liberty server requires a minimum JRE version of 1.8
(Java 8).
HTTP Product Information:
Integrated application server information:
Integrated web services server information:
Support and Installation of IBM JDK v8.0 on the IBM i OS
How to Change the IBM JDK Version Used by an IBM IWS v2.6 and IAS
v8.5 Server on the IBM i OS
Planned Update Schedule:  Every two to three months
Related PTF Group(s):  SF99955
PTF ordering information:
Links to group member PTF special instructions:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
SI80797     10/18/22    SE78292    5770DG1  2321
SI80796     10/18/22    SE78291    5770DG1  2321
SI80814     10/18/22    SE78269    5770DG1  2321
SI80813     10/18/22    SE78286    5770DG1  2321
SI81185     10/18/22    SE78468    5770DG1  1000
SI80441     10/18/22    SE78165    5770SS1  2321
SI80972     10/18/22    SE78382    5770SS1  1000
SI81187     10/18/22    SE78520    5770SS1  1000
SI80976     10/18/22    SE78381    5770SS1  1000
SI81378     10/18/22    SE78635    5770SS1  1000
SI80575     07/22/22    SE78181    5770DG1  2321
SI80572     07/22/22    SE78180    5770DG1  2321
SI80259     07/22/22    SE78049    5770SS1  2321
SI79680     07/22/22    SE77768    5770SS1  2321
SI79326     07/22/22    SE77564    5770SS1  2321
SI78393     05/31/22    SE76978    5770DG1  2321
SI79419     05/31/22    SE77630    5770DG1  2321
SI79420     05/31/22    SE77631    5770DG1  2321
SI79421     05/31/22    SE77632    5770DG1  2321
SI79426     05/31/22    SE77637    5770DG1  2321
SI78435     05/31/22    SE77001    5770DG1  2321
SI79430     05/31/22    SE77639    5770DG1  2321
SI79779     05/31/22    SE77854    5770DG1  2321
SI79963     05/31/22    SE77962    5770DG1  2321
SI79461     05/31/22    SE77675    5770DG1  2321
SI78373     05/31/22    SE76954    5770DG1  2321
SI78379     05/31/22    SE76959    5770DG1  2321
MF69525     05/09/22    MA49492    5770999  2104
SI78332     05/09/22    SE76922    5770DG1  2104
SI78106     05/09/22    SE76783    5770DG1  2104
SI79424     05/09/22    SE77635    5770SS1  2321
SI79541     05/09/22    SE77717    5770SS1  2321
SI78797     05/09/22    SE76787    5770SS1  2104
SI79438     05/09/22    SE77645    5770SS1  2321
SI79083     05/09/22    SE77369    5770SS1  2321
SI79423     05/09/22    SE77634    5770SS1  2321

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