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SF99747 720 DB2 Web Query for i V2.1.0 - level 17

Preventive Service Planning


SF99747: SF99747 720 DB2 Web Query for i V2.1.0


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

SF99747 720 DB2 Web Query for i V2.1.0
Release -- R720

SF99747 :  720 DB2 Web Query for i V2.1.0
PTF Group Level:  17
Last Updated:  8/24/17
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99747
Description:  IBM DB2 Web Query for i Group PTF V7R2.
This group delivers the WQX-v210-HF17-Aug.2017 (hotfix 17) level of
fixes for DB2 Web Query for i.
Be sure to end Web Query with the ENDWEBQRY command before applying
this group PTF.
This group PTF applies a save file for an updated version of tutorial
library, QWQCENT. If applying this group PTF over GA level Web Query
2.1, backup the existing QWQCENT library on your system, and then
restore the updated library from the save file QWEBQRY/QWQCENT; if
you've already performed this step for a prior level group PTF, there
is no need to repeat it.
After applying this PTF, users of the Web Query Spreadsheet Client
feature who are upgrading from GA level will need to refresh two
files on their PC, which are wqsclient.xla and wqsclient.cfg. Users
of the Web Query Spreadsheet Client feature who are upgrading from
HF1 level will only need to refresh wqsclient.xla.
After applying this PTF, users of the Web Query Developer Workbench
feature will need to refresh the client on their PC.  Download the
two files for this group level from
/qibm/proddata/qwebqry/DeveloperWorkbench in the IFS to the PC, and
then run the .exe file.
Planned Update Schedule:  Every 3 months
Related PTF Group(s):   SF99702
PTF ordering information:
Links to group member PTF special instructions:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
SI64894      08/24/17    SE67329    5733WQX  1000
SI63740      08/24/17    SE66552    5733WQX  1000
SI63390      12/29/16    SE62149    5733WQX  1000
SI59139      03/30/16    SE63717    5733WQX  1000
SI55975      03/25/15    SE61182    5733WQX  1000
SI54600      01/20/15    SE60114    5733WQX  1000
SI54713      09/05/14    SE60223    5733WQX  1000
SI54616      09/05/14    SE60133    5733WQX  1000
SI53717      09/05/14    SE59463    5770DG1  4276
SI53450      09/05/14    SE59223    5770SS1  4276
SI53097      09/05/14    SE58875    5770SS1  4276
SI53560      09/05/14    SE59308    5770SS1  4276
SI52518      05/02/14    SE58308    5733WQX  1000
SI52671      05/02/14    SE58461    5733WQX  1000
SI51997      05/02/14    SE57860    5733WQX  1000
SI52405      05/02/14    SE58189    5733WQX  1000
SI52474      05/02/14    SE58263    5733WQX  1000
SI52876      05/02/14    SE58670    5770SS1  4276
SI52756      05/02/14    SE58538    5770SS1  4276

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