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SF99675 740 Hardware and Related PTFs - level 2

Preventive Service Planning


SF99675: SF99675 740 Hardware and Related PTFs


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

SF99675 740 Hardware and Related PTFs
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SF99675:  740 Hardware and Related PTFs
PTF Group Level:  2
Last Updated:  1/16/20
How to Display:  WRKPTFGRP SF99675
Description:  The HW Group PTF is defined to contain Hardware and
PTFs related to the function of Hardware within the OS
The following Subsystems are included:
o Disk, Disk Adapter and Disk related functions
   + Device Parity protection
   + Mirroring
   + Hot Spare
   + Disk Concurrent Maintenance
   + Fiber-Channel Disk and Multi-path
o LAN Adapter and LAN related functions including HEA
o WAN adapter and WAN related functions
o Cryptographic Coprocessor related functions
o System Firmware and Firmware related PTFs
The HW Group PTF is defined to exclude PTFs that are higher level in
function such as:
o TCP/IP stack problems
o System crashes except where those system crashes were the direct
result of a HW related function
o High Availability Solutions (such as GeoMirror and Independent
ASPs) except where a hardware related function is the cause
HW Group does not contain
o Tape Adapter and tape related functions
o Fiber-Channel Tape and tape library related functions
Planned Update Schedule:  The planned update schedule for this group
is quarterly.
Related PTF Group(s):  None
PTF ordering information:
Links to group member PTF special instructions:
NUMBER      ADDED                  PROGRAM  PACKAGE
MF66810     01/16/20    MA48055    5770999  0121
MF65732     07/24/19    MA47510    5770999  9151

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