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Setting up Data Stage Db2 connector in Cloud Pak for Data

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Using Data Stage DFD DB2 connector in Cloud Pak for Data to run a job, you may encounter error:

Message id:RestApiResponseUnsuccessful 200
The DB2 library could not be loaded.

Section below explains how to set up DB2 Client driver for Db2 Connector in Data Stage in Cloud Pak for Data.


2. Copy tar into the is-en-conductor-0 pod: 
  oc cp driver.tar namespace/is-en-conductor-0:/mnt/dedicated_vol/Engine/is-en-conductor-0/DSEngine/
3. Exec into is-en-conductor-0
  oc rsh  is-en-conductor-0
4. Install driver, make sure that you're installing it into persistent volume,
     under /mnt/dedicated_vol/Engine/is-en-conductor-0/DSEngine/driver_installation_folder
5. Create db2 instance for user dsadm by
  /driver_installation_folder/instance/db2icrt -u dsadm dsadm
5. Set up the instance environment by sourcing db2profile from your instance folder: 
   . $HOME/sqllib/db2profile source

6. Add path to library to LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable: /home/dsadm/sqllib/lib64 . Edit dsenv file: 

  vi /mnt/dedicated_vol/Engine/is-en-conductor-0/DSEngine/dsenv
7. Catalog a remote database that you want to connect to: 
  db2 catalog tcpip node NODENAME remote host_name server port    db2 catalog database DATABASENAME at node NODENAME

8Check connection to your remote database: 

  db2 connect DATABASENAME -u user_name

9In DFD create Connection: 

Connection definition in DFD Cloud Pak for Data

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30 June 2020