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Set Up Required Fields Using Attribute Restriction

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Is it possible to enforce required fields conditionally using Data Restrictions in the Security Group application?


Steps to set up a data restriction to prompt the user to enter information for the required fields.

1. Login as maxadmin
2. Go to the Administration module, create a conditional expression in the Conditional Expression Manager:
Expression :woacceptscharges=1

note: workorder.woacceptscharges is a YORN field
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3. Go to maxadmin security group in the Security Groups application:
Data Restrictions tab
Attribute Restrictions sub-tab
Set certain fields to be required with condition where if priority = 1 then the field is required

4. Save

5. Log in as maxadmin, create a new work order, check the "Accept Charges?" check-box:

The system puts asterisks next to the required fields specified in the attribute restriction for the security group.

6. Try to save without populating all the required fields and an error message will be displayed....
"Requiredfield xxx is blank" (this way the user must enter all required fields).

e.g. If classstructureid is a required field and the user tries to save without entering a value for this field.
A message displays: "BMXAA4195E - Required field Class Structure is blank".

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17 June 2018