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Sametime 9 Meeting Server Cumulative Hotfix - May 2015

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A new cumulative hotfix for Sametime 9 Meeting Server is available. A new feature to enable screen sharing using a browser plugin (instead of Java) on Windows has been added to Sametime 9 meetings. It also resolves a number of issues affecting Sametime Meetings. (See detailed fix list below.)



Fix Central link to fix: 9001-ST-Meetings-FP-DHOD-9VZJ42


This fix is being delivered as a cumulative fix for Sametime Meetings 9.

The installation instructions are the same, regardless of the version, please follow the on-line documented instructions, "Best Practices to ensure a smooth upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 IFR 1"


  • Skew Poll Results in Meetings
  • Multiple potentially dangerous file types allowed to upload and share in Sametime Meetings
  • Cannot tab to buttons in New Poll dialog

Also, in this Cumulative fix, the following features were added to Sametime 9 meetings:

Enabling screen sharing using a browser plugin on Windows** - New configuration setting allows you to enable screen sharing in Sametime meetings using a browser plugin running on Windows.

Steps to enable the native plugin for screen sharing:

IBM Sametime meeting users can host screen-sharing sessions in a browser running on Microsoft Windows. In new installations, beginning with the Sametime 9 Cumulative Refresh, the default is to use the browser plugin for screen sharing during Sametime meetings. In previous releases of Sametime, the default is to enable screen sharing using the Java applet. Use this procedure to enable screen sharing for Sametime meetings on Windows using a browser plugin instead of the Java applet.

To remove the Java dependency and enable Sametime clients to use a browser plugin for screen sharing, complete this procedure to set the setting to true. This procedure applies to earlier releases of Sametime where the setting is set to false by default.


1. Log in to the Sametime System Console as the administrator.
2. Click Sametime System Console > Sametime Servers > Sametime Meeting Servers.
3. In the Meeting Servers table, select the Sametime Meeting Server on which you want to enable this feature.
4. On the Server Configuration page, locate the custom configuration keys table.
5. In the custom configuration keys table, click New.
6. Add a custom configuration key using the following values:
      Configuration key:
      Configuration value: true
7. Click OK to save the new configuration key.

Repeat this process on each Sametime Meeting Server for which you want to enable this feature.

**NOTE 1: The Java requirement for screenshare has been removed for supported browsers other than Chrome. Under this release, Chrome will still require Java for Screen sharing functions.

The Web app will recognize that Chrome users will require Java and use the Applet according

NOTE 2: Chrome warning about Sametime WebPlayer extension being disabled. Chrome's latest versions block NPAPI plugins of which Java is one. So additional configurations settings regarding Chrome may be required for any Java related function.

See below:

See the Java related articles

  • If meeting participants connect from their browser to Sametime Meeting server via HTTP proxy server with authentication, be careful that screen sharing component can not be downloaded because WebPlayer does not support proxy server with authentication. In such case use Java runtime based screen sharing as Java Runtime supports http proxy server with authentication.
  • If you set meetings.plugins.alternateUrl property in Sametime Meeting (usually to Sametime Proxy Server url), plugin based screen sharing function is not available until you manually copy the plugin files from meeting server to the Proxy Server.
Copy the win32 and mac folders from meeting server's ear file over to the proxy server ear. e.g.
Go to Meeting Server: .......\installedApps\[cellname]\SametimeMeetingServer.ear\meeting.stplugins.war
Copy the two directories: win32 and mac
Proxy Server: .......\installedApps\[cellname]\SametimeProxy.ear\stwebav.war

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