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Running WebSphere Liberty as a service in Linux

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How can I set up WebSphere Liberty in Linux so it runs as a service for IBM i2 Analyze?



Operating System: RedHat 6.5
Database: IBM DB2 10.5
HTTP Server: IBM HTTP Server 8.5.5

Please note that the Database and HTTP Server must run on the same machine as the WebSphere Liberty server.


Use the IBM i2 Analyze Deployment Toolkit to deploy the system as normal and test that everything is working before configuring services.

  1. Copy the ibm-db2 script to /etc/init.d and edit it to ensure that DB2_USER is set to the DB2 database user.
  2. Copy the ibm-httpserver script to /etc/init.d and edit to ensure APACHECTL points to the location of the IBM HTTP Server.
  3. Copy the ibm-wlp-i2analyze script to /etc/init.d. Make a copy of this file for each application defined in the topology.xml, replacing i2analyze part of the file-name, with the name of the application. Edit each ibm-wlp-<server-name> file to ensure the APPLICATION_NAME, IBM_JAVA_HOME and LIBERTY_HOME are appropriate for the given server.
  4. Make each script an executable service.

    For ibm-db2
    1. Run chmod +x /etc/init.d/ibm-db2, then
    2. Run chkconfig --add ibm-db2

  5. Test the i2 Analyze servers are working by running each service manually in the following order: ibm-db2, each ibm-wlp-<server-name> and then the ibm-httpserver. For ibm-db2,

    1. Run service ibm-db2 start

  6. After a server reboot the i2 Analyze servers should have started. Note: the services may take some time to come up after restarting.

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16 June 2018