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Running repeated measures in generalized linear mixed models and it just hangs and runs for days and have to force quit the application on the Mac



I'm running a repeated-measures analysis in the GENLINMIXED (generalized linear mixed models) procedure and it's taking a very long time to run. I've compared a linear model run in the MIXED procedure and the same model run in GENLINMIXED, and it's taking many orders of magnitude longer on GENLINMIXED. Why is this happening?

Resolving The Problem

We have seen examples where problems involving large R matrices have taken much longer to run in GENLINMIXED than should be the case. The problem has been reported to SPSS Development and will be addressed in a future release. If the model is linear, MIXED can of course be used. If not, GENLIN can provide a GEE (generalized estimating equations) approach for repeated measures. We apologize for any resulting inconvenience

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