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Run ELM products under a non-root user

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How to run Engineering Lifecycle Management(ELM) products under a non-root user after it was installed under root user in a
WebSphere Application Server environment?


To run WebSphere Application Server under a non-root user, you have to make sure all the files and folders can be accessed by both the root user and the non-root user. 

To run WebSphere Application Server as a non-root user:
1. Change owner for WebSphere Application root directory with specified user and group
chown -R was1:wasgroup /opt/WebSphere/AppServer

2. Change file permissions as the root user
chmod -R g+wr AppServer

3. Specify user and group values for the Runas User and Runas Group settings for a server
Go Process execution page of the administrative console

You must define properties in the following table.
Click Servers > Application Servers > server1 > Process Definition > Process Execution
Change all of the following values:Property Value
Run As User was1
Run As Group wasgroup
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21 July 2020