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Routing Linux SYSLOG, UNIX SYSLOG, and application log file data to IBM Operations Manager for z/VM

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IBM Operations Manager for z/VM provides the DEFTCPA statement to establish a TCP/IP connection to Operations Manager. This configuration statement allows Operations Manager to collect and process syslog data or file input from local or remote systems. Many customers centralize log management to Operations Manager for z/VM to meet log management best practices. Data written to syslog or application log files can be processed by Operations Manager in the same manner as SECUSER or OBSERVER data from a monitored console. This means that rules can be written to automatically take an action if a specified message appears in the log data. In addition, once this data is collected by Operations Manager, it can be viewed using the VIEWCON command, the same way console data is viewed.

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22 October 2018

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22 October 2018