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Rollback for IBM Connections 6.0 CR3

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IBM Connections 6.0 CR3 installs additional Websphere Enterprise Applications for the Highlights widget that need to be uninstalled before a rollback of IC 6.0 CR2 can be completed.


The  instructions in this technote are the steps required for rollback from Connections 6.0 CR3 to 6.0 CR2. If your deployment base installation was an earlier release then the instructions in the following technotes must also be completed:

Before rolling back Connections 6.0 CR3 to 6.0 CR2, you must prepare the deployment by removing the following items

    1. Shut down the cluster server

    2. Open the WebSphere Integrated Solution Console, and click Applications > Applications Types > WebSphere enterprise applications

    3. Under WebSphere Enterprise Applications, select ICEC and then click Uninstall.

    4. Click OK to uninstall the application, and then save the changes to the master configuration.

    5. Go to Resources > JDBC > Data Sources and click on icec.

    6. In the "Related Items" section, click JAAS - J2C authentication data and then delete icecJAASAuth. Save the changes to the master configuration.

    7. Go back to Resources > JDBC > Data Sources, and then delete icec. Save the changes to the master configuration.

    8. Next go to Resources > JDBC > JDBC Providers and delete icecJDBC. Save the changes to the master configuration.

    9. The next steps are only required if ICEC was previously deployed on the server

        1. Go to Resources > JDBC > Data Sources
        2. Select the jdbcProvider that was specified in the ICEC, by default it's set to activitiesJDBC. Select the jdbcProvider.
        3. Select JAAS - J2C authentication data under Related Items
        4. Select the JaasAuth that was specified in the ICEC for this setting "authAlias=" and delete it
        5. Save the changes to the master configuration.

    10. Go to System Administrator > Nodes and synchronize the nodes.

    11. Next remove the icec application from the file located in the \connections folder. Edit the file and remove the following statements:

        "icec": {
            "cluster": "ICCluster",
            "dbType": "DB2",
            "dbServer": "",
            "dbPort": 50000,
            "dbName": "XCC",
            "dbUser": "LCUSER",
            "dbPassword": "{xor}Dz4sLChvLTs=",
            "dbDriverPath": "C:/IBM/SQLLIB/java",
            "dbCustomProperties": {
            "resultSetHoldability": 1,
            "downgradeHoldCursorsUnderXa": "true"
    12. Save the changes.

        The Connections 6.0 CR3 server is ready to proceed with the rollback to version 6.0 CR2.

  •         Once the rollback has successfully completed, if the stand-alone version of Connections Engagement Center was previously installed it needs to be re-installed. Use the same that was used in the previous  install.


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01 November 2018