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Retrieve TLS Attributes (QsoRtvTLSA) API



The Retrieve TLS Attributes (QsoRtvTLSA) API allows the retrieval of the system-wide System TLS default attributes. QsoRtvTLSA is available in the IBM i 7.4, 7.3, and 7.2 releases with PTFs.


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The Retrieve TLS Attributes (QsoRtvTLSA) API retrieves System TLS default attributes. The majority of the attributes can be only be changed with System Service Tools (SST) Advanced Analysis command TLSCONFIG (SSLCONFIG for IBM i 7.2).  Prior to QsoRtvTLSA, those same attributes could only be viewed with TLSCONFIG.  QsoRtvTLSA eliminates the requirement to use SST to view this information and allows using programs and scripts for health check processing for these attributes.
Key TLS attributes available with QsoRtvTLSA
Default and Supported Protocols
Default and Supported Cipher Suite List
Default and Supported Signature Algorithms
Protocol Handshake Counters
Cipher Suite Handshake Counters
Individual cipher suite handshake counter support is new and induced with the QsoRtvTLSA PTFs.  Refer to the TLSA0200 format for details on the retrieval of the cipher suite handshake counts. 
PTFs containing QsoRtvTLSA and cipher suite handshake counters
7.4 - SI73108, SI71547, SI71373, SI71363, SI71361 and MF66742 and all requisites.  
7.3 - TCP/IP PTF group SF99867 level 4
7.2 - SI72603, SI72586, and MF67176
Refer to Knowledge Center for details:

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11 May 2020