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Reserve Integration Troubleshooting Help

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Reserve Integration Troubleshooting Help


Reserve is a powerful new feature from the TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.2 release that enables you to make reservations with spaces and assets. The integration with Microsoft Exchange can seem tricky at times, but it isn’t impossible to manage. Here are some troubleshooting guidelines and tips to ensure a successful Reserve integration.

When there is an issue with the Reserve integration, it's hard to tell what the issue is, even from the server.log. For example, if no communication is coming from Exchange, then nothing is being written to the log. If the agent appears to be running, a possible issue could be an issue with the firewall blocking the traffic. Check the firewall settings and make sure traffic is going to the setup SMTP port number running on the TRIRIGA application server.

To be sure that the integration is running, my suggestion is to run some kind of monitoring process that monitors the status of the agent. Perhaps something as simple as telneting to the IP of the running TRIRIGA app server and the port number of the Reserve SMTP agent (this is performed from a different box). If the agent is running and the firewall is allowing traffic, you should receive a valid response.

telnet [hostname] [SMTPPort] (i.e telnet 25)

The response should be

'220 exampleEmailDomain Simple Mail Transfer Service Ready'

The other thing is the Exchange administrator can monitor or set alerts on any failed delivery of Reserve integration emails being sent from Exchange to the TRIRIGA app server. Please refer to your Exchange administrator or Microsoft for help on monitoring solutions.

Also, a self-service user should typically know if something has gone awry with the Reserve integration if they booked a meeting, and did not receive any response (accepts and declines). The response should be instantaneous if everything is working correctly. If no response is received after making a reservation, the administrator should be notified of this immediately.

Hopefully this will be helpful in configuring and maintaining a successful Reserve integration.

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