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Requirements: SysBack CD & DVD Device Support

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This document provides information that describes IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery SysBack's (SysBack) support and usage of CD & DVD devices


If you will be using the CD/DVD backup feature, you may choose to write to the device:

  • using the AIX UDF filesystem type
  • using ISO 9660 format type

When using the ISO9660 format type, the GNU software tools named mkisofs and readcd are required. These tools are not supplied by SysBack.
  • When using AIX 5.3, the mkisofs and readcd tools are installed as a part of the operating system. Note: In these packages is a program named CDRECORD which is used for writing to the media. However, some levels of AIX V5.3 require CDRECORD 1.9.7 in order to work with certain devices. However, CDRECORD 1.9.6 is installed by default. Please review your operating system and hardware requirements closely to determine the level of GNU tools required for your environment.
  • When using AIX 5.2, you can acquire these tools via the cdrecord package available from the AIX Toolbox for Linux. You can access the AIX Toolbox for Linux components from:

Once these GNU Tools have been installed, you must create the following symbolic links:
  • ln -s /usr/samples/oem_crwriters/burn_cd_gnu /usr/sbin/burn_cd
  • ln -s /usr/samples/oem_crwriters/mkrr_fs_gnu /usr/sbin/mkrr_fs

SysBack can utilize any CD or DVD device that is natively supported by the AIX operating system. SysBack does not support any CD or DVD device that requires its own proprietary devices drivers or software in order to operate. For a list of the devices explicitly supported and tested by AIX at your operating system level, please see the file: /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/README.oem_writers provided by the operating system.

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17 June 2018