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Requirements for importing encryption keys with IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture

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What are the requirements for importing encryption keys with Datacap? Do standard Windows user accounts need administrative rights to import the keys? Does every Windows user on a station have to import the keys?


If one machine has multiple Windows users logging in, then yes, the encryption has to be imported under each Windows account while they are logged in. Importing the encryption to the machine once, will not suffice if multiple Windows accounts are used to login.

A Windows account user does not necessarily need full Administrator rights when importing the encryption key for their Windows account while logged in. However they will need the proper permissions to a specific Windows registry and Windows User folder, as these need to get updated when running the import command (dcskey -i) for the encryption key file (dc_KTF.xml).

The registry that the Windows user needs access to (read & write), when importing the encryption key is:

The folder the Windows user needs access to (read & write), when importing the encryption key is:

The steps needed to import the encryption key are:
  1. Log in as the specific Windows user/client on the client machine.
  2. Via a command prompt, type these commands:
    1. cd c:\datacap\taskmaster
    2. dcskey -i
  3. Confirm the message reads "Keys were successfully imported".

As of Datacap 9.0, many clients can automatically install the encryption keys once the keys have been moved to the client folder. For details, see Importing encryption keys to Datacap computers in the Knowledge Center.

These requirements are in addition to the sharing and security permissions already required by a client user for Datacap folders (e.g. c:\datacap,). Please refer to Setting up sharing and security permissions for users in the Datacap Knowledge Center for further details.

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17 June 2018