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Required PTFs for Upgrading to IBM i 7.4



The following PTFs for IBM i 7.2 and 7.3 are required to upgrade to IBM i 7.4. Review the Preventative Service Planning (PSP) entries for software installation to determine other PTFs you might need.


Upgrade that uses virtual media

The following PTFs must be applied if using virtual media: 

Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
SI68959 SI73360
SI67763 MF63905 **
SI52981 * MF67366
MF59284 MF67474
MF64101 SI82497
MF59952 ***
MF60475 *
MF63892 **

*    If using the STRNETINS command to upgrade. 

** Required if load source is configured with VIOS 520 byte disks.  This PTF must be permanently applied before the upgrade. 

*** If at IBM i 7.2 TR2 or higher

In general, All MFxxxxx (LIC PTFs) should be perm applied before the upgrade.

Prepare for Install

The following Prepare for Install PTFs must be applied:

Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
SI68959 SI73360
SI52910 SI65839

Upgrading Using Network File System

The following PTFs must be applied if you are upgrading from virtual optical storage on a Network File System (NFS) server:

Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
SI68959 SI73360
MF64101 MF67366

For information on how to upgrade from virtual optical storage that uses the Network File System including client ethernet adapter considerations, refer to the following PDF link URL:

Additional LIC Space Requirements
IBM i 7.4 requires the need to allocate additional space for the Licensed Internal Code (LIC) before upgrading.  

Refer to the Memo to users for information regarding the new load source size:

The following PTFs are required before allocating the additional required LIC space:

Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
SI68959 SI73360
MF64101 MF67366
MF65901 * MF65903 *

* Required on systems with a 4096 sector load source.  This also requires two IPLs following allocating additional LIC space, instead of just one IPL.

Ensure additional LIC space has been allocated before upgrading to IBM i 7.4.  There are two ways that this can be done: 

  1. Use GO LICPGM and take option 5 to Prepare for Install.  On the Prepare for Install menu take the option to Allocate additional space for LIC.
  2. Use the QLPALCSP API.  For information on the QLPALCSP API, refer to

Note:  An IPL is required to finish allocating additional LIC space.  Once the IPL has been completed, attempt to allocate the additional LIC space again and ensure that allocating additional LIC space is no longer necessary.  At this point you can continue with the upgrade.

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)
If using the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) process along with image catalogs to upgrade, there is an API called QVOIFIMG that allows you to add all files within the image catalog directory to the image catalog automatically. The following PTFs are required when using QVOIFIMG: 
Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
SI68959 SI73360
Tool to Verify Image Catalog Install Space
The following PTFs are required to run the tool to verify image catalog install space:
Upgrading from 7.2 Upgrading from 7.3
MF68529 MF68531

This tool is only for those customers performing their upgrades/installs with an image catalog and is verifying with the VFYIMGCLG command.  The tool verifies that the internal space needed is available for performing the operating system installation preparation during the power down phase of the upgrade.  Please see PTF cover letter for instructions.

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21 April 2023