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Repeated measures post-hoc tests



I have a design that involves repeated measures, and need to do post-hoc comparisons among the means. Can IBM SPSS Statistics do this?

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The GLM procedure in IBM SPSS Statistics will do all pairwise comparisons among the levels of any main effect, simple main effect, or averaged main effect, including within subjects or repeated measures factors. Methods for adjustment of Type I error include LSD (no adjustment), Bonferroni, and Sidak.

These comparisons are obtained in the menus via the Options dialog box. For main effects, specify Estimated Marginal Means for the factor of interest, check the box to Compare main effects, and select a Type I error correction method from the dropdown menu.

For simple main effects, use of command syntax is required. Technote 1475404 gives details on how to obtain simple main effects tests and pairwise comparisons. Although it mentions specifically univariate response situations, the EMMEANS subcommand in GLM and UNIANOVA operates in the same manner on both between and within-subjects factors.

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