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Removing Java applets from ICD

Flashes (Alerts)


ICD removes applets from all apps except two: the Person Groups app and the Change Scheduler app. With the release of the attached LAFIX, all apps will no longer use applets.


Additional notes:

- The Person Group app is replace by a new Person Group app that does not use applets.

- The Change Scheduler app's functions will be moved into the Change app and access by pressing the new "Schedule Tasks" buttons on the related tables.

- The old Change Scheduler app will remain so you may commit any last schedules you had not completed.  When you are done, remove access to the Change Scheduler by removing access to it through Security Groups.

- The attached zip file contains a pdf file with instructions on how to use the new change scheduler, the fix and a README file with the installation instructions.

NOTE:  The LAFIX zip file was refreshed on June 28, 2018 to have an install with less manual steps.

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Modified date:
27 February 2019