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Recording RPT 8 HTTP scripts

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How do you record HTTP scripts using RPT and upload to ITCAM for Transactions?


Before beginning to record an HTTP script, close browser windows. A new browser window opens during this procedure.

  • Start RPT from 'All Programs -> IBM Software Delivery Platform -> IBM Rational Performance Tester -> IBM Rational Performance Tester'. This launches RPT.

  • Select the directory for the RPT workspace. RPT projects are created in this workspace. More than one workspace can be created to store different types of projects.

  • The new RPT install presents the RPT workbench, ready to create projects

  • Create a new project in RPT
  • Select Performance Test Project and click Next

  • Type in a project name and click Finish. We recommend using the default location.

  • Your new project is displayed in the workbench.
    Select RPT HTTP Recording and click Next.
  • Select the Project, even if there is only one project you must select it. Type in the name of the new test file. Click Finish.

  • The recording process launches the Agent Controller. This may require updates to the firewall to allow recording.

  • Please read this screen. For the best possible recording, remove temporary files. This is the window to be used to record transactions. Clear the cache! Watch out for toolbars and other extra apps running with the browser;

  • In the browser, type the URL to be recorded and press enter. Take your time recording and allow pages to fully load before continuing to the next page.
    RPT is now recording the web transactions.

  • Continue with the recording, moving to different pages, clicking on links, etc. This is the beginning of the recording . . . .

    this is part of the recording . . . .

    this is part of the recording . . . .

  • Note the tabs available on the RPT workbench

    Continue recording and close the browser when you have made all the selections. Then the recording is complete.

  • The recording is captured in RPT

  • Click Yes to see the generated recording. When the recording is complete the status in the RPT window indicates "Test generation completed."

  • The test contents show an entry for each page recorded.

  • Test the script by running as a Performance Test. Right click the script name in the left panel. Select Run As -> Test.

  • Or select the script name and choose the Run option. Then choose Run As -> Test.

  • The test launches after a few seconds.

  • The status on the RPT Workbench shows "Running" and the web pages display in the browser tab at the bottom of the page.

  • When the script is complete, you can check other tabs for performance and response data. The Test Navigator window on the left panel shows the run date(s) of the script.

  • After the test runs successfully (as seen above) the script can be uploaded to ITCAM for Transactions. Choose File -> Export to begin the upload.

  • Choose Other -> ITCAM for Transactions. There is only one ITCAM option under Other.

  • Specify the host name of the t3 agent (Application Management Console) to which you want the scripts uploaded. Use all the appropriate fields such as SSL if that is in use, and update the port number if the default is used in the t3 configuration.

  • The connection to the t3 agent is tested.

  • If the agent cannot be reached or is not valid, BWMEC0003E is displayed.

  • Once the t3 is verified, select the project from which to upload scripts.

  • The available scripts are shown. Choose the script(s) to be uploaded. Click Finish.

  • The export message is displayed. This can take several minutes. The first time a project or script is uploaded, the runtime is also uploaded to the t3.

  • When the upload completes, this message window appears. Click OK. Now you're ready to create a profile to run the RPT script.

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