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Receipt Tolerance

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How does the Receipt Tolerance setting work?


A receipt tolerance sets a limit for the quantity or the amount that can be invoiced for a service line item or a standard service line item. The receipt tolerance is set for an item in the Item Master application.

The receipt tolerance can be modified in the purchase order.

If the quantity or the amount of the line item received exceeds the receipt tolerance set for that item, you can invoice the item up to the receipt tolerance amount or up to the quantity set.

If you cannot receive any service line items in excess of the ordered quantity, you must modify or delete the associated line item.

For example.

1. Go to the Service Items application.

- Create a Service Item

Service Item : TSTS1

- Set Receipt Tolerance(%) : 10

This means that you can receive this item up to 10% more than the ordered quantity.

- Save and change status to Active.

2. Go to the Purchase Orders application

- Create a new PO

Ponum : 1127


- Add a Purchase Order Line

Line Type : Standard Service

Item : TSTS1
Quantity : 90
Unit Cost : 100
- Save

You will notice that the Receipt Tolerance % becomes 10 and Receipt Tolerance Quantity becomes 9 (90 * 10% = 9).

So, you can receive it up to quantity: 99. In other words, you cannot receive more than 99.

- Approve this PO.

3. Go to the Receiving application

- Open the PO created in Step 2. (eg, #1127 )

- Click on the 'Service Receipts' tab

- Click 'Select Ordered Services'. If you change Quantity Due to more than 99, you will get this message:

"BMXAA7883W - A quantity of 100.00 is received against purchase order line 1, exceeding the ordered quantity and receipt tolerance of 99.0 by 1.0. Click "OK" to receive 99.0."

It affects when you invoice a service line item.

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