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ReaQta: Android Agent Installation and Uninstallation

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This technote covers the Installation, Removal of the Android version of ReaQta Agent, as well as how to collect logs to provide to support should an issue with the installation arise.


The ReaQta Agent for Android (known as Hive) is provided presently by using an Android application PacKage (.APK) file; which needs to be downloaded and then installed on each Android device one wants to use.
To download the .APK file, start by going to your Hive Dashboard and log in.

Once logged in, mouseover the ADMINISTRATION drop-down and select UPDATE MANAGER:
From there, you are presented with the list of Distributions available to install ReaQta to. Select the Android Hive Package.


An overlay slides from the right, providing the Agent Distribution Details for this particular Distribution.
Then, select Installer Download.

From here, you can download the .APK file, as well as optionally specifying parameters to be used as part of the installation. In Android, this file shows up as "Hive".

The process of installing of .APK files depends on the administrator's needs and preferences, however IBM recommends Maas 360 for providing APK files to Android devices in a secure way. For more information click here: Adding an enterprise app for Android
For the purposes of this document, let's assume that one can install APK files directly from Android's File Manager, and that the user is allowed to do so.

Once installed, Hive is available to be ran in Android's Applications list. Select the Hive application to run it.
Hive requires the user to provide the Hive Dashboard URL and port (Usually 4443), and the required group IDs should they be relevant.
Once completed, press the Register button.
If registration is successful, the Home page. For more information about using ReaQta Hive Android, visit How to use Reaqta Hive Android agent to protect your android devices?
If you receive the error message:
Registration problem:
Status: 400
Message: {"type":"MalformedRequest","error":"The request content was malformed:
\nAttempt to decode value on failed cursor: DownField(name)"}

Then, confirm that the required group IDs have been provided to the app's registration form. There can also be an issue with the license of ReaQta Hive not having sufficient Mobile Devices free for registration.

If you receive the error message:

Registration problem:
Status: 442...
Then confirm your ReaQta Hive license has sufficient Mobile Devices free for registration.

Uninstalling the Hive app can be done like any other Android app. For more information on uninstalling apps, check out Google's recommendations here: Delete or disable apps on Android


Additional Information

Collection of Logs in event of an issue:
In the event of an issue with registration, the Hive will normally display a bubble notification to describe the error. Typically, one hopes that said error is enough to diagnose the issue alone.
If full logs are required for analysis or by IBM Support as part of a support case, the regrettable, but recommended collection method is to use Android's ABD feature. Using Logcat allows reading of said logs. For more information on using ADB to collect logs, and logcat, please check out Google's information here: Logcat command-line tool

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07 June 2022