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"Read Locked Data" displayed in the DOORS history



The history record shows "Read Locked Data" even though you have full access to the module in IBM Rational DOORS.


You have full access permissions to a module, but the module history shows some entries as
"Read Locked Data".


You do not have sufficient rights or the item has been deleted, purged or renamed.

Resolving The Problem

History record entries will show "Read Locked Data" for the following conditions:

  • Purged Object
    The most common cause of seeing 'Read Locked Data' is when the history record is associated with an object or attribute that no longer exists because it has been deleted and purged. DOORS can not identify what access rights were formerly assigned to these items.

  • Attribute has been deleted or renamed

  • You have Insufficient Access Rights for the item to which the history record refers
    Access rights can be assigned at different levels in the data hierarchy. Permission may differ from the project level to the module, object, or attribute level. The most restrictive permission always takes precedence. You may have full permission (Read, Modify, Create, Delete) to a module and have no permission to a restricted attribute.

Attributes enabled to generate history record changes as a property that can be viewed but READ access is the minimum required privilege to view this information. When your access rights are set to none for an object or attribute any associated history records will only show READ LOCKED DATA.
This prevents you from using history to view changes to information for which you do not have access.

To view Read Locked History records log in to DOORS as Administrator

You may export these history records ( be sure to check "include details" ) so others can review the history of these Read Locked items.

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16 June 2018