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RC610 failure duing DB backup with non-english locale



ANR2968E Database backup terminated. DB2 sqlcode: -2033. DB2 sqlerrmc: 610, when attempting to backup the Tivoli Storage Manager database.

Resolving The Problem

The DSMI_* environment variables are only needed to be set when the API is being used outside of Tivoli Storage Manager Server. For instance if the Tivoli Storage Manager client requires the use of the API.

If you do not have a Data Protection, Backup/Archive, or other API application client installed delete the DSMI_DIR variable. The Tivoli Storage Manager server defaults to the installation folder of the API. If you do have a client installed, proceed with the following steps to resolve:

- Open a DOS prompt and attempt to change to the directory using the variable name:

- If this fails, then the DSMI_* variables are not set correctly. Run 'set' (from a DOS/command prompt) to get the output of the currently set environment variables. Remove any quotes and spaces from the paths of the DSMI_* variables by using the 8dot3 naming convention. This can be done by right clicking on 'My Computer' and going to properties->Advanced->Environment Variables. Then editing the DSMI_* environment variables under the System Environment.

For example if the DSMI_DIR variable is set to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Tivoli\TSM\api" it should be changed to: C:\Progra~1\Common~1\Tivoli\TSM\api

- Once the environment variables DSMI_DIR, DSMI_CONFIG and DSMI_LOG are validated, stop the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance, stop the db2 manager (db2stop) and then restart the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance.

**Note: Alternatively you can reboot Windows.

- Test the Tivoli Storage Manager DB backup again.

- If it still fails with the sqlerrmc 610, make sure the correct dscxxx.txt message file exists in the directory specified by the DSMI_DIR variable and the message file is the correct locale for the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

The Tivoli Storage Manager Server locale can be determined using the Q OPT LANGUAGE command from the Tivoli Storage Manager server console.

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