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Rational Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) product support statement



The United States federal government mandates that federal agency desktops running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista adopt Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) security settings.


About FDCC compliance for Rational products on Windows
Rational Product FDCC Compliance List
Known FDCC issues

Rational product compliance of the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista Enterprise

Rational Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) testing was conducted as a self-certification process. Testing includes a reasonable level of testing to ensure that installation and core features will function on this configuration. Known issues are documented in various technotes, as indicated in the table below.

The local security setting, "Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)"
which is normally disabled by default, is enabled in testing IBM Rational has done on FDCC configuration.
Please note that in order to facilitate machine access in the distributed test environment, this setting was disabled for much of the testing.

Rational Product FDCC Compliance List

TBD = to be determined
N/A = not applicable
Rational productVersion initially supporting FDCCProduct limitations and restrictions
Rational ClearCase7.0.1.1 & 1294925
Rational ClearQuest7.0.1.1 &
Rational ClearCase LT7.0.1N/A
Rational RequisitePro7.0.1Technote 1296103
Rational ProjectConsole7.0.1.1N/A
Rational Rose7.0Technote 1294988
Rational Rose RealTime7.0Technote 1295060
Rational PurifyPlus7.0 IFIX 07N/A
Rational TestManager7.0.1.1Technote 1295007
Rational Test RealTime7.0.0.1, 7.0.5N/A
Rational Robot7.0.1.1Technote 1286101
Rational SoDA7.0.1.1N/A
Rational Portfolio Manager7.1.1.1N/A
Rational Application Developer7.0.0.5Technote 1291071
Rational Software Architect7.0.0.5Technote 1291071
Rational Software Modeler7.0.5N/A
Rational Systems Developer7.0.5N/A
Rational Asset ManagerTBDN/A
Rational Functional Tester7.0.1Technote 1416816
Rational Performance Tester7.0.1Technote 1294141
Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality N/A
Rational Manual Tester7.0.1.2N/A
Rational AppScanTBDN/A
Rational Policy TesterTBDN/A
Rational Developer for System z7.1.1N/A
WebSphere Developer for System z7.0.1.2N/A
Rational Business Developer7.1N/A
Rational Business Developer Extension7.0N/A
WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services Toolkit7.0Technote 1294963
Personal Communications5.9Technote 1295667
WebSphere Host On-Demand10.0Technote 1295691
SCLM AT (OEM product)4.1N/A

Known FDCC issues

IssueDescription of impact
FDCC prevents individual users from installing ActiveX updates into their browsers. Because the Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player uses ActiveX technology, this effectively blocks all FDCC users from installing or updating their Flash Player installation. This puts their ability to run product multimedia content at risk, including product tours, tutorials, and "show me" UI clips.

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